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  • Pistoff

    From the Old Hippie:

    "And WT acknowledges that, this is from bh p 195, from wol:

    First, many claim that the name should not be used because the original way to pronounce it is unknown today. Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels. Therefore, no one today can say for sure exactly how people of Bible times pronounced YHWH. However, should this prevent us from using God’s name? In Bible times, the name Jesus may have been pronounced Yeshua or possibly Yehoshua—no one can say for certain. Yet, people the world over today use different forms of the name Jesus, pronouncing it in the way that is common in their language. They do not hesitate to use the name just because they do not know its first-century pronunciation. Similarly, if you were to travel to a foreign land, you might well find that your own name sounds quite different in another tongue. Hence, uncertainty about the ancient pronunciation of God’s name is no reason for not using it."

    1. If 'jehovah' is NOT known as god's name, then it is not god's name, is it?

    You can't say we don't know how to pronounce or spell it, but we should use it; there is no 'it'.

    Don't know the name, don't know the spelling, don't know the pronunciation, end of story.

    Also, this is a false analogy, to say that Jesus was pronounced Yeshua; is our name, or even Jesus' name, as important as "GOD'S NAME", so that to mispronounce it is like calling Harold Harry, or Enrique?

    2. To interpret YHWH as Jehovah where it is actually found in the OT and NT, and to assume it's use in the NT where it is not found, is intellectually dishonest and intentionally misleading.

    The jews most certainly did not use the pronunciation Jehovah; there is no evidence anyone in Jesus' day used any form of YHWH to denote god, as by then it had fallen out of use.

    That word, Jehovah, never appeared in any ancient manuscript.

    To insist god's name is Jehovah is stubborn and wrong, even a fetish.

    3. Names for god harken back to the days when there were more than one god worshiped; to me, that is the reason the name fell out of use.

    Why distinguish god with a name, if you have come to believe there is only one?

  • Heaven

    "Wasn't he called 'El' (pronounced Ale) before Yahweh?"

    Joe Grundy said: Yes, of course. That's why JWs and many others call their buildings 'Bethel' = The House of God.

    And why Israel is called Isra-el.

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