Do not enjoy life now!

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  • FadeToBlack

    When my wife left the Polish cogregation she had a going away party and someone gave her a gift basket that had an odd plaque that you could hang on the wall. It was odd because it came from a witness - probably they didn't notice it as part of the gift package.

    Finally I asked her about it and discussed why it was contrary to all she believed as a JW. It said: "You only have one life to live, But, if you live it well, that is enough".

    She took it down before the recent picnic she had with new English speaking cong at our house. I put it back up. Now, it has disappeared!

  • ToesUp

    Yes...the littertrash is depressing. Go out and enjoy life. They have destroyed so many lives, don't let them take what life you have left.

  • sir82

    The GB seem to be enjoying a pretty platinum-level lifestyle in these "last days"....maybe they should set the example, quit Bethel, and pioneer in Podunk South Dakota.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Who even says "thus" anymore, what a dumb way to talk. Supercilious, condescending, UGH i can't take it.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I never read the daily text even when I was an elder and fully in. I couldn't believe, even then, the way the borg could take a simple passage from the bible and twist it so that it appeared to apply to them or one of their pet teachings!

    just saying!

  • dogon

    I can remember eating lunch with an elder in North Michigan from Brutice cong. He would tell us at lunch brake that this is not a real life. The real life [more hova speak bull shit] was to come. I have a lot of family who are now living like paupers because they never prepared for this world. Fuck these assholes.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Thus, we should be willing to postpone the pursuit of many of our personal interests, knowing that in his new world, Jehovah will allow us to enjoy “the real life”everlasting life in happy, peaceful conditions.

    That's right folks! Paradise is right around the corner!

  • smiddy

    Hang on ,is , "Armageddon" just around the corner ?

    or is it ,"The Great Tribulation" , that is just around the corner ?

    Hang on again , maybe its , The" New System" that is just around the corner .

    I`m confused , where does the "Paradise Earth " fit in with this picture.?

    And not to be picky , but where in the Bible does it even mention a paradise Earth ?

  • TheWonderofYou

    Whos speaking?

    In my hawkers tray is a thrilling message for everyone:

    For children I have now in my offer the thrilling paradise earth full of amazing love of Jehovah, a comic with Sopie as actor.

    for adults there is the latest thrilling Armageddon film with persecution that gets under the skin.

    Are you ready?


    Sophie likes butterflies she watches them often in the meadows. She even takes her loupe to watch how the caterpillars look like and wonders how they change into butterflies.

    The lession she gets in this short video is that Jehovah really loves us because he designed such wonderful amazing creatures which we can watch and study. He did it simple for our amazement and that we can be happy in our life perhaps even become butterfly scientist.

    Mom: "Isnt if fine that Jehovah designed so many WONDERFUL thinks for us to discover. That shows how much he loves us."

    Sophie: "I cant wait to be in paradise to study every butterfly that Jehovah has designed."

    Sophie: "Jehovah made so many amazing things whats your favorite"?

    Then the butterfly transforms into the JW-Logo. Hahaha. The art department is working hard to transform JW are nice beautiful butterfly-like people.

    Note that

    1) Sadly in this video is taught that in this life we cannot fully be happy and find all butterflies that we want, only in paradise. Its sad that today we cannot study every butterfly that Jehovah has designed. That was not the focus here.

    2) Sadly helping dying breeds and bees are not mentioned, no initiative started, many organisations start initiative to help butterflies, each year some species are dying out. That was not the focus.

    3) Sadly in the video it is not mentioned that butterflies could be soon destroyed in Armageddon or because of natural pollution, thats because children could be scared. That was not the focus.

    4) They simply jump instantly from amazement about butterflies to paradise, not much between as if Jehovah only existed in the paradise and not also today and if today we cant do anything for our already now amazing world full of wonders.


    Now adults listen:

    Going through the GT is like a "metamorphosis" happens to you. Therefore we should prepare for this painful metamorphis in the GT. We will be polished, our true self will be UNHIDED. We will be confronted with our own shadows. Is that scary? Prepare yourself for our thriller sequences about our strange metamorphosis after which we will be in the paradise where we will encounter much tribulation, only fully devoted true followers will survive seemingly everlasting thousand years of the millenium under regime of elders checking your characters and true repentance. Yes.. there will be public hearings, testimonials and public Judicial commitees in the new world.

    Who received a gift will be tested much more.

  • flipper

    The religion is run by predators. As you know from experience, dear LITS.

    They will do whatever's necessary to provide for their own comfort and to protect themselves from the many scandals they have created.

    They are always putting out this kind of pre-emptive damage control by brainwashing:

    "Don't think about anything except the paradise!

    Especially since so many elder types at the lower levels are freaking out about what all the scandals will do to their lives - we need to lay it on REAL strong. Donate all your time and money so we at the top can live comfortably and pay off all the child abuse lawsuits without dipping into our own personal funds in the Caymans,

    Jehovah will reward you, because as you know, he really likes criminals who do horrible deeds and then suck up to him for forgiveness. You know, like King David, and Eli's sons. Hey, works for us!"

    They are the worst. Mrs. Flipper

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