Why is Enoch referenced in the bible but his book omitted?

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  • Ursula

    Why is Enoch referenced in the bible but his book omitted?

  • cobweb

    Do you mean the book of Enoch? The book of Enoch is an apocalyptic book written from the 4th century BCE. It took the name Enoch but that is a common trait of apocalyptic literature to reference an earlier well known biblical figure.

  • Londo111

    Because there was no accepted cannon until the 3rd or 4th century, and the books that referenced the book of Enoch were written in the late 1st or early 2nd century.

  • sir82

    A better question might be "why is the book of Enoch quoted in the canonical book of Jude, but itself considered apocryphal?"

    WT's silly response:

    w01 9/15 p. 29

    How Jude knew of Enoch’s prophecy is not revealed in the Scriptures. He may simply have quoted a common source, a reliable tradition handed down from remote antiquity. Paul evidently did something similar when he named Jannes and Jambres as the otherwise anonymous magicians of Pharaoh’s court who opposed Moses. If the writer of the Book of Enoch had access to an ancient source of this kind, why should we deny it to Jude?

  • EverApostate

    May be the Biblical "Compilers" thought there was enough bloodshed and nonsense in the existing books and there wasn't any need to add more.

  • slimboyfat
    The book of Enoch is accepted... by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
  • Crazyguy

    Somewhere in the book of Enoch it mentions I believe 70 generations then a completion of events happens . I can't remember if it the end of all things or a judgment or what. The problem is the book put a definite timetable and the timetable I believe had expired by the 3 or 4 century AD.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I have a theory about this book.. The Book of Enoch seems parallel to Daniel which makes me think it needs to be places between 170-164 BCE.

    Why was it not accepted and Daniel was? Daniel threw the Maccabees a bone... saying ' a little help'... Enoch didn't.

    Also Enoch was invented out of the blue... Daniel was based on a Syrian magician.

    When the Hamoneans (Maccabees) gained control for 100 years they edited every biblical text.. Daniel barley slid through as part of the writing. But Enoch lost out. However a bone was thrown to this test in what was added in Genesis 5. And that ALL that was mentioned of him.

    The only other places in the bible canon that mention Enoch is Jude and Hebrews which are late texts... Hebrews author was on drugs...lol

  • Dunedain

    Also, the "content" of the book of Enoch, was considered very "controversial" for its time. The book of Enoch gets into great detail about the pre-deluvian world. It literally names specific demons that "walked" the earth before the flood.

    It gets into specific characteristics of these demons, even as far as "forbidden knowledge" they taught to mankind. Such things as weapon making, astrology, and even eye make-up for woman, lol.

    It attempt to fill in missing years of Enochs life, like where he was when "God took him away". Its a very interesting book, along with the book of Jubilees as well. It is almost like a sci-fi/fantasy story, but written as a bible book.

    I think it was just "too much", for some of the "holy" Christians back then, who had the job of deciding which books were gonna be in, or out, of the bible cannon.

  • Diogenesister
    SBF The book of Enoch is accepted... by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

    I believe the E.O.C. accepts the most comprehensive list of apocryphal works. Interesting since it's the most ancient church.

    I like the book of Enoch. It explains the real reason Soddam and Gomorrah was so reveiled. Apparently they did not follow the deeply venerated middle Eastern practice of HOSPITALITY. God became enraged when they condemned a daughter of Lott for rescuing a starving stranger in the town square. These were the crimes that cried out " clear up to heaven".

    They gave no charity in the midst of their wealth, and had blood on their hands because of it.

    Much like the WTBTS.

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