October 2, 2017 BOE US Re: Contributions Received at the 2017 Annual Meeting

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  • konceptual99

    So a congregation has the "privilege" of hosting an event that has to be displayed on video screens yet has to stump up the readies if they need to hire some kit in.

    Thanks for nothing Warwick.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The real reason the annual meeting was opened to all members.

  • darkspilver

    That's an interesting, but subtle and very specific change to the previous directions the WT have sent to congregations regarding the labelling of the contribution boxes...

    You do remember the March 2017 letter??

    NOW - add temporary labels over 'Local Congregation Expenses' boxes

    BoE Letter, October 2, 2017 - Re: Contributions Received at the 2017 Annual Meeting

    Please place temporary labels on the contribution boxes so that all boxes are clearly labeled “Worldwide Work.”

    PREVIOUSLY - no label changes, just send money in 'Local Congregation Expenses' to Bethel (minus any minor expenses incurred during the actual event)

    BoE Letter, March 2, 2017 - Re: Broadcast Events Held in Kingdom Halls

    8. Donations placed in the box labeled “Worldwide Work” should be forwarded to the branch office using jworg. Donations placed in the box labeled “Local Congregation Expenses” can be used to cover local expenses incurred during the event. Thereafter, any surplus should be forwarded to the branch office as a donation to the worldwide work.


  • stillin

    Could just ONE BoE estimate that there really is no "additional expense" incurred by using the KH as a tv room for 3 hours? Some honesty....somebody?

  • Pistoff

    Thank you Big Brother!

    So they went from saying that money that went into boxes marked "Worldwide Work" should go to mother, and money that went into local boxes stayed local, to demanding that ALL boxes be marked "Worldwide Work"!

    That settles that, no money stays local from these events, be real, no elder body is going to step up and claim any of it.

    Ironically, the only extra expense they probably actually have, they can't claim: rental of video or audio equipment!

  • Pistoff

    Can someone verify if this is real?

  • pixel
    Can someone verify?
    It is of course real, not because I saw it myself, but mainly because every WifiBandit posts is real.
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    That's brilliant! LOL - you have to give them credit for letting no opportunity pass by without grabbing cash.

  • darkspilver

    So they went from saying that money that went into boxes marked "Worldwide Work" should go to mother, and money that went into local boxes stayed local, to demanding that ALL boxes be marked "Worldwide Work"!

    I think it depends how many steps back you go.

    The letter in March 2017 appears to follow the same principle as the most recent October 2017 letter, with the exception of the temporary labelling of the Local box (to local congregation) to become a Worldwide box (sent to WT Bethel)

    Was there previous direction regarding contributions during WT broadcast events at KHs?

  • WTWizard

    Better, if everyone were to put the money into their local coin shop or an online bullion dealer, they could buy silver or gold with it instead of wasting it on damnation for the world. With the amount I have, one dealer is enough--I prefer the fast and reliable service of APMEX, even if the premiums are slightly higher (with free shipping that usually takes 2 business days for in-stock items to arrive). For smaller amounts (say, the 14 toilet papers you are supposed to donate in a week), your coin shop will provide you with the 3 silver quarters and a silver dime you will need when the economy goes kaput.

    For those who regularly donate more, you might be able to spend thousands on precious metals. For those quantities, you might split the order among more than one dealer. You could make your metals purchases all at once for the year, or spread them out.

    If everyone did that, they might run into shortages of funds. Of course, there are going to always be idiots that just have to donate much more, and will never stint on donations. Those are the ones that will be destitute when the dollar becomes toilet paper and silver shortages become severe. They are also the ones helping the washtowel with worldwide damnation of the whole human race. Those damnation books they get printed help tie in curses placed on the whole human race. They might be better off if they did the "selfish" thing for once, bought the silver or gold, and quit supporting our enslavement.

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