The wonderful things you hear AFTER you step down as an elder!

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  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "The GB is composed of those types of people."

    They're called "Double-Highs":

  • MarkofCane

    Welcome to all the newbies, as you can see we keep a tidy home. Make yourselves comfortable.


  • Diogenesister
    ?” He told me he still believes we’re living in the last days and he just loves sharing bible stories with elderly persons during field service,

    Ahhh..sounds like what I call a real Christian....isn' t it great that people can really open their hearts to you without fear of judgement. Now times that by billions...all with their own loves, insecurities, experiences...can you imagine the ultimate being wanting to KILL them all for not thinking by the JW book?? Pah!!

  • ToesUp

    "I do have one nagging question though: If the GB is ONLY about getting people´s money and wanting to get more into the JW "cult" by evangelizing more and more just for the purpose of getting more donations, then why aren´t they living a luxurious life-style?"

    I find this question from pile2222 interesting. Imagine you are a GB member. Let me list some of the perks that WT pays to these golden ones.

    1. No mortgage/rent payments.

    2. No health insurance premiums. They don't have to worry about the rising cost of healthcare.

    3. No car insurance premiums. Cars are also readily available (probably a driver as well).

    4. No car payments.

    5. No Grocery bills. Food provided.

    6. No utility bills

    7. Travel expenses paid for by WT.

    8. No $ for haircuts (on site barber)

    9. No $ for dental cleanings (on site dentist).

    10. No $ for Doctor visits. (on site doctor).

    Ok. So my question is what do they have to worry about financially? I go through the list and these are the things the average person/family has to worry about. They are not living a luxurious life-style? Boy, what I wouldn't do to NOT worry about the things I have listed above. Is there anything else THEY (the GB) have to come out of pocket for? I failed to also list above the green handshakes and wining and dining they receive when they travel. They also receive gifts, such as jewelry and vacation homes to stay in. There are a lot of wealthy Brothers and Sisters out there that love to brown nose these golden boys. Have you ever seen one when they travel? They have body guards and a line of people waiting to shake their golden hand.

    It's an all expense paid life. Would I consider the above a luxurious life-style? Hell yeah!

  • steve2

    Contrary to the organization's tireless attempts to portray its religious leaders as different from the religious leaders of the churches of Christendom, they're the same.

    The more they get "into" their positions of power, control and influence, the less able they are to empathize with the rank and file.

    They lose touch with the actual struggles of so many JWs - if they were ever in touch to begin with.

    And, when you think about it, to be drawn to "positions" of leadership within the organization overwhelmingly attracts a certain type of man.

    Sure, there are many who have been in such positions and been so disturbed by what goes on behind the scenes that they relinquish the positions. But, in general, most are simply not bothered by what goes on behind the scenes because they themselves are so busily contributing to it.

    And, therein lies the problem. By casting themselves as different from all other religious groups, the delude themselves into thinking they actually are different. But when push comes to shove, they show their willingness to set themselves up as "special".

    This is not a modern development in jw organization. One of the most pompous, opinionated, self-elevated men in a position of power within the organization was the infamous Joseph Rutherford. tv simply brings the smooth pomposity of these men into ordinary JWs living rooms.

  • freddo


    And they have huge offices - like a suite really with a massive desk, sofa, big office chair. All overlooking (now) a prime New York area - and soon a luxury apartment over a remote controlled lake.

    And power. Power with toadies and flunkies to do your bidding.

    1st class flights around the world, staying in prime hotels, chauffeur driven and being butt-kissed by local branch heavies that want to stay in their relatively comfy and powerful positions.

  • steve2
    Where do I apply to be in the next governing body? Sounds fantastic - they're in Paradise already! 😜
  • Fisherman
    A deleted elder does not hear any wonderful things now from fellow JW, to the contrary, now he is viewed less than respected and he feels it when any fellow JW now speak with him as a non elder. That is not wonderful at all, it is a "less than respected" aura that surrounds the ex elder even if he persists to act like an elder he looses respect from everyone. And it is something that he must bear. It ain't easy. As far as doubts from the JW expressing it to ex elders or elders is like preaching to the choir. They know.
  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "...They lose touch with the actual struggles of so many JWs..."

    I think a pretty strong argument could be made that the lose touch with f**king reality.

  • ScenicViewer

    I'd like to know more about the Underground Movement too. Is it an organized thing, or a loose collection of ones with doubts, or just scattered individuals?

    Do you have to be an active Witness to be in it? Attending meetings just from time to time?

    Myself, I haven't been to a meeting or assembly in 9 years and have absolutely no intention of returning.

    You an PM me with information is you wish.

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