The wonderful things you hear AFTER you step down as an elder!

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  • careful

    I quit and quickly I moved out of town and faded. I'd grown a beard and only kept in touch privately with a few bros. who were enlightened about the org's corruption. Then when I was visiting some of them in my old city, I unexpectedly ran into a MS I knew in a sporting goods shop. This guy was a nice chap, zealous and all, but had been passed over many times for appointment as an elder. I was concerned that he'd seen me with my beard and might report me to my fellow "friends" on the elder body and they'd come looking for me to "rescue" me. But it was quite the opposite. He couldn't have cared less about my beard. All he wanted to do was talk about the problems in the old congo, why he still wasn't an elder yet, etc. It was amazing how he opened up to me. The whole thing was quite awkward and I found myself comforting the poor guy, telling him to wait on Jehovah, blah, blah. They really do open up if you let them, far more to someone who's no longer a perceived threat to them.

  • Hadriel
    what @wifibandit said...totally true. 100%.
  • SouthCentral
    This is great!! I really appreciate this. It's wonderful to hear these types of stories. Please randomly share more details.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    I talked sometimes before with an other MS about CoC - he read it on his tablet and I tell him I like this book, we make jokes about 607, he always make a comment, that he's shure, that I "liked" the cong when they try to grap money. So we talk very easy about a lot of things.

    Even when I talk -even with elders- about australia and other stuff, until now, nothing happens.

    The young MS's in my cong bearded. 3-day-beard and one fullbearded. The last one, serve as MS, pray also on sunday. He make the other young guys grow a beard. So yes, underground movement is growing, but a way to connect is missing.

  • Tenacious
    Can someone who's a member of the underground movement PM me. Thanks.
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I encountered a little bit of that myself. Certainly not doubts about the organization but more complaints about elders.

    I'm pretty sure there are at least one or two other people in my congregation who feel the same way I do but none of us are willing to walk out on that limb.

    I've met a few others from this board who are in my part of the country and having an "aposta-fest" at the circuit assembly or regional convention (even hung out with a board member at the international) is such a relief.

    The person who actually got me to finally investigate my religion of birth and who is also in the same position as me is a friend. I'm sure he reads this board as well although for the sake of plausible deniability, neither of us have mentioned it.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    If you think, they only doubt about elders and not the other stuff, talk with somebody about broadcast. Start with a new one (don't look it, read about ;)). Then go on to the new explanation of the generation. Most of the people you talk to, say, they don't belive, it's BS or there will be soon new light. You don't have to show that you think it's wrong. Only mention new light, hard to understand...

    To talk about something like the generation that not pass, and that it's unlogical what they told - I can't imagine to talk in this way 10years before.

    Hope to wake up a friend very soon. Or maybe I'm caught after it.

  • respectful_observer
    I'm sure he reads this board as well although for the sake of plausible deniability, neither of us have mentioned it.

    Pretty sure at least one good friend reads here as well; he's mentioned visiting JWFacts before. Any time we have an exchange about some crazy thing or another the Org has done/said, he follows it up with "we REALLY need to split a bottle of scotch and chat."

  • pile2222

    I will ask my mom and sister what they think about the changes. But since they believe EVERYTHING that WT says, they most likely will be excited and thrilled about it. Unfortunately they are ones that will NEVER wake up! I just know them too well. Too bad. I kind of had a gut feeling all my life about this religion but I always ignored it. I felt bad for not being able to go to the meetings (my husband´s an opponent) and I resented him for not allowing our child to go to any meetings, BUT now I´m thankfull. Unfortunately my daughter and I can go visit my mom and sister only over the weekends and now that their Sunday meetings are in the morning again, they want me and my daughter to go to the meetings with them without my husband knowing about it. They say that I have too much "fear of man" and that Jehovah wants me to fight for my right to go to the meetings and be active again. They always made me feel sooo guilty. My mom and my sister are in fact the most judgemental and negative people I have ever met. I just started "waking up" 2 or 3 weeks ago and I don´t feel guilty anymore for not going! But I cannot say ANYTHING to my mom and sister because when I mentioned to them about the Australian Commity about child abuse, they said that they hadn´t heard anything about it and that Satan is already spreading lies about JWs and the Organization. AND my sister said that IF it is true, that Jehovah will "CLEAN UP within his organization" and we will all be very surprised at who won´t make it into the new system! My mom and sister are SOOOO gullible! They have NEVER EVER researched ANYTHING for themselves. They just regurgitate everything the elders and WT say. I am mad at my sister that she got us all into this cult! But I still love her and my mom and I don´t want them to think that I´m an apostate now because then they won´t want to have contact to me and my daughter anymore. My mom cries almost everytime I visit her that she´s praying so hard that I "come back to Jehovah". But she can forget it now. I somehow do wish that JWs have the truth and that there will be a new earth because I don´t really feel that I want to go to heaven (I would really miss animals and swimming) and it is a nice hope for the future but on the other hand, I am not doing anything to deserve getting into this new world. So, I am still very confused about everything because I don´t know what the TRUE teachings of the Bible are and if the Bible is even true or just like the Koran a simple book written by normal humans. I haven´t read any "apostate" books yet but I will read them. I sure know that I will NOT join another religious organization because they are all corrupt. I hope that some of you out there will comment on this.

    Thank you!

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Hi pile2222,

    I'm new here also. I see this: you write that you don't do anything for getting to the new world. I don't wan't say, belive in god or not. But your thought based on JW-teaching, guilt, fear, death for all non-JW. Counting time, give money, hate everything outside is a pure JW-thing. Live a good life, care for others, take care for your daughter, love her. That what you read in the bible, in other books and what normal people do. If there a god - a decision you have to make on your own, for your own - then he's not like the CO, looking thrue papers and read about your hours, magazines and so on.

    And if you read the bible, don't take the new world translation. If you read something from the Org: stop reading all the guilt-trip-magazines, the daily text and so on. If you like to read some religios stuff in the morning or so, take other stuff or read direct from the bible. Worked for me very well.

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