what defines your life now?

by franklin J 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • micheal

    probably hot sex.

  • morty

    For me, it is my two boys,15 &12.....My husband and the rest of my family.........I love running the roads to arenas for the kids....I love taking them to their guitar lessons......I love the fact that my kids are free from a cult and can have a healthy normal child life.....


  • integ

    pills and booze

  • Flowerpetal

    As a Jehovahs Witness, our lives were clearly "defined". for those of us who are no longer in the "Truth", what "drives" your life now?

    For me, it is my kids ( 12, 9, 4--busy--busy--busy) ; my wife; my career; I live by my own personal value system ( tried, tested and working).

    The absence of the superimposed restrictive grid of the JW lifestyle has allowed my life to blossom. My mind now looks at life from a different perspective...a very positive view.

    Curious to hear from others....

    I am still a JW and this may be a bit off the subject, but I think what I believed as a witness started coming into question after I had kids. They are 6 1/2 years apart and one will soon be 25 and the other is 18. But in being an at home mom, and the majority parent in raising them, I began to see that some things that my mom made a big deal of just didn't matter and I wasn't going to put that pressure on my kids. A lot was common sense and I also didn't let other people's opinions affect me in raising my children. Therefore they are more free to choose what they want. Neither is baptized and it doesn't matter whether they ever will be or not. I'm not putting that pressure on them.

    What defines my life now that they are older? Well I guess I'm starting to live by my own value system. This year has been both a sad and happy year for me--but that's the way life is. The happy part hit me like a curve ball, and it may end up in the break up of my marriage--but that remains to be seen. I'm dealing with it...

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