What Do YOU Expect From Others?

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    In short, respect, honesty and truth. Perfection? NO! I personally sense some persons expect and demand toooo much from others on forums of this nature. I would attribute this trait from the warped and perverted influence of the WTBTS, in particular the GB.

    Maybe my question should be, are you a forgiving person. Another question, do you give back positive or try to contribute positive comments on forums of this nature? If so, how so?

    Guest 77

  • shamus

    Interesting question.

    I expect nothing from this forum. What it gives me in return for the little effort that I put into it is healing... plain and simple. Let me tell you, there will be a time when Shamus is ancient history here... or at least I won't be posting near as much at most...

    I tend to forgive fair. Not good, just fair. I tend to overreact to situations (no suprise to everyone here!) and end up with egg on my face. I TRY to be postive, but am a very negative person by nature. Believe me, I am working on that...

    If you were to sum up my positive posts with negative, it would be 50/50. (not including fluff posts.) I hope to make that a lot better on this forum and in RL. I tend to let my real personality show here as much as possible, although the over-reacting often times gets in the way. The internet is a barrier in that it's easier to push someone else's feelings aside, and no think of someone like say "Simon" as a real person with real feelings. When you disassosiate the human aspect of the board in this way, you tend to act more like an ass. (in my case).

    I have said some pretty horrible things to people. So have lots of others. I guess my plan is to not think of how everyone else is doing, but think about how I am doing.... and be more of a caring person... one who listens.

    Well, that's a lot of reading for now.

    To all whom I have hurt, (Stinky Pantz, most recently), I am sorry. Insulting someone is not the way to disagree with someone.


  • Dansk
    respect, honesty and truth

    Yep, those are essential for me. I despise hypocrites and liars.

    I'm a very forgiving person, but I've also been taken advantage of. Forgiving someone, then being hurt again by that same person, is particularly painful.

    I try to be upbuilding here, don't get involved in flame wars and stay well away from war threads. I wear my heart on my sleeve, hate to see/hear of people suffering and am 100% loyal to my friends. My best friend is Claire, my wife!

    If I've ever upset anyone here it is unintentional and I apologise now if I have!


  • Aztec

    Honesty is the only thing I really expect from anyone. I'm realizing more and more that it's a pipe dream. My level of trust has been lowered dramatically. Even if it's blunt and especially if it's not something I may want to hear, I respect people telling me their honest opinions.

    That's it.


  • iiz2cool

    I don't expect perfection either, but I do expect honesty. I've had that from some people, but I've been seriously screwed over by others as well. I'm a forgiving person, but I don't let people get away with repeatedly abusing my trust.


  • pettygrudger
    respect, honesty and truth

    I think these things should be expected by all.....why wouldn't we? We expect others to treat us this way in real life, why should online be any different?

    Perfection - I'm pretty sure that's the last thing anyone EVEN WANTS here - didn't we have a hard enough time being that as a JW?

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Shamus, we're all going to be ancient history here. You've shared some interesting ideas and comments that WE all can reflect on.

    Dansk, so is my wife. Hypocrites and liars are of interest to me, who do they think their kidding, really? Forgiving, great quality.

    Aztec, getting to the point, simple, don't waste my time but with understanding.

    2cool, yes, not allowing others to get away with trampling on your kindness. Can I say, you speak your peace?

    Most, if not all people have been taken advantage of, I guess I can say, it's a given. It's the rude, ill-mannered and mindless individuals who will ruin your day. I guess we all handle such persons in OUR own way. Anyways, thanks for your thoughts.

    Guest 77

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    a little bit of common courtesy and respect ( even in the cyber world) goes a long way

  • Sassy

    What do I expect? To be treated like others want to be treated. Fairly, honestly. Given a chance to believe in me, for those who do not yet know me, before being judged. Well maybe I don't expect that, but I would appreciate it.

    Am I forgiving? Yes, to a fault sometimes. In many ways it has been a weakness for me.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Sns, don't tell me you fall for those tall sad story's? Amazing how encouraging it is when we are treated fairly and shown respect.

    Guest 77

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