Christmas Card List

by Panda 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus


    Just edit your post. It's simple.

    I, personally, don't need any more cards... they just end up in the fire place anyhow.

  • morty

    thanks smack and shamus......was having a melt down there for a minute.......did not know i could do that....go figure, the one i decide to screw up on, has to be all my personal infromation ......thanks again......

    sorry panda......did not mean to hijack your thread......

    and for those who did get my info, i will be looking for check in my christams Christmas to you all!!


  • MonkeyPrincess

    *raises hand exciedly* me too, me too!!!! I want have some cards sent to me, and i want to send some out too, lets exchange addresses. I will pm each of you! How cool, thanks guys!!!!!

  • reboot

    Thankyou Panda- big cheery hugs to you two too

    i've pm'd you, and will do everyone else when I get back from work; wonder when the last posting date is for overseas post? i'll try and find out today...

    feel free to pm me everyone....

  • Country_Woman

    just found out that I did'nt PM correctly:

    The Netherlands

    had to be at the end of my address......

    stupid of me.....

  • Country_Woman

    Shamus, at the end yes, but in the meantime it is a joy to see who send you X-mas cards....

    And I am always saving the ones I like....

  • Panda

    Shamus, I didn't get your address yet.... come on everyone needs a Christmas card from a secular naturalist!

  • Panda

    Smack, Would you like to get a Christmas card from Nick and I (or is it me?) I would love to send cards to lots of different countries.

  • simplesally

    Me, too! PM me

  • simplesally

    I wonder if someone could put a list together and email it to us, that way we don't have to pm everyone we want to send a card to?

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