Signs that the last days really are here

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Whatever happens to the JW org, whether they fold or not, their mad beliefs like freeing flying insects escaping from a bag have already spread into the world.

    The superstition is that if you please God you will be spared at a (fictional) war of Armageddon and live on into a trouble free paradise. Millions of ex JWs still believe this and sadly live in dread of divine judgement.

    There exist religions nothing to do with JWs which have virtually the same beliefs because they also are derived from the same source; 19th century US Millerite Adventism. There are also religions, especially in Africa and Romania which have developed out of JW doctrines but with no connection to the JW HQ.

    The JW org is not a passive religion, the governing body is a force using fear and propaganda to dictate adherence to their own doctrines and that includes demanding that its own non-Biblical myths such as being chosen in 1919 and the year 607 BCE are believed.

    It functions by creating a culture of unquestioning respect for its edicts as if they were from God's lips. It demands absolute loyalty and threatens sceptics with punishment of excommunication which it carries out frequently, splitting the loyalties of millions of families in the process--creating deep suffering and profound resentment.

    The JW superstition exists without the governing body of JW org. Believe the nonsense if you must ( though it won't do you any good!) but whatever you do don't be entrapped the tentacles of their organization.

    It is a deceiving cult and feeds on poor people's credulity, Don't ever feed this monster, it steals people's lives and splits families, don't get entangled-- run from it!

  • Crazyguy

    Thier growth is done that's the good news. As the ones from the early 1970s that came in die off the numbers will continue to go down. Thier already lying about thier numbers but as the sell off of kingdoms halls continue they'll become less and less relevant. Even now most stay because of family and friends. The good news is now we're seeing entire families leaving at once not like in the past when only the black sheep would leave or just the victims.

    The snow ball is picking up steam and is getting larger as it rolls down the hill.

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