Signs that the last days really are here

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  • stuckinarut2
  • stuckinarut2

    That is my contribution to the "sign of the last days!"

  • steve2


    Last Days Ahead

    Watch out for U-turns

  • Finkelstein

    I wouldn't hold your breath for this to happen , there are a lot more naive, stupid, exploitable people the WTS can feed off from in the world.

    I think under developed third world countries will be the WTS bread basket into the future.

  • Chook

    Because the generation that seen the things in Jesus's has not passed away.

  • waton

    while trying to keep my mind off the fog in this week's meeting, I leafed to page 224 of the kingdom rule book and there is a picture of an eclipse as a "sign from heaven" preceding the end.

    watchtower's warts aside, theres was one , across the US and will again be in 7 years, and it does not stop there. (speaking from being there).

    I would advise to proceed with caution on minimizing a possible end scenario. It is not that the whole bible fiasko can be sanitised with current events, but taking one thing at a time, things could develop into another above, past wt scenario.

  • Finkelstein

    there is a picture of an eclipse as a "sign from heaven" preceding the end.

    There has been an solar eclipse on this planet on going for more than a billion years.

    Like I said previously there are millions if not a billion people living on this earth that have the potential ignorance or lack of knowledge to become JWS.

    That's no joke

  • smiddy3

    The writing has been on the wall for a few years now against the WTB&TS / IBSA ,

    All the downsizing of Branch officers,personal ,K.H`s,Magazines ,etc, not conducive to an organisation that is in a good way.

    In reality it is a sign of the eventual demise of the organisation that is going through these adjustments.

    However like others have said it will not go out of complete existence ,it will be around for a long time yet with drastically reduced membership maybe comparable to the Christadelphian`s or even the Exclusive Brethren.

  • waton
    There has been an solar eclipse on this planet on going for more than a billion years.

    but the stunning spectacle is only understood by astronomers for a few thousand, and will not continue for billions more (the moon will become too small). without protective gear the ancients could only with difficulty have figured out what caused the darkness, who would suspect the the moon to be up in the daytime, in the glaring sun?

    An eclipse is one of those bible "miracles" we can look with awe at now, unless you consider jesus the first surfer, barefoot no less, ha ha.

  • jookbeard

    Joe134cd nailed it, they will be around for decades to come in some form or another with membership levels even lower probably, there is not going to be much growth from "born in" only at all, yet looking back at those boom years from Knorr on wards at the start of his reign who could ever have predicted how they've ebbed away to almost nothing in the grand scheme of things,8 day International Conventions in vast sports stadiums around the world,numerous hardbound printed releases every single year, a building boom, branch facilities springing up all over the world, KH quickbuilds, being regularly pestered or woken up with a knock on the door, my god they are unrecognisable, Brooklyn all but sold off, branches closed and sold off world wide, door knocking all but finished, nothing printed any longer, KH's being sold off, congregations disbanding and merging, and apathy carts that the general public pay no attention to, remember MEPPS and "tilt up concrete" construction methods? and more importantly their child abuse cover up scandal makes bigger news than their "doomsday end of the world" failed prediction, if someone had predicted this while I was a member of the R&F I would never have believed them.

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