Signs that the last days really are here

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    not for the world but for the Watchtower cult.

    What happens to organizations which are on the decline? What are the signs of impending doom?

    Rapid reduction of expenditure is the first sign

    Removing layers of command to strengthen the executive

    Dismissing staff

    Selling off assets to keep the cash flow going

    Cancelling projects

    Desperate optimisation of income sources

    The JW org is not just a commercial organization, it is also an authoritarian religious cult so other signs apply as well:

    Ramping up loyalty propaganda

    Increasing threats for would be leavers

    Warnings to ignore external criticism

    Preparing the minds of members to interpret the changes as part of divine will

    Development of a “bunker mentality” to hold on to the bitter end.


    Does the JW org meet these criteria?

  • zeb
  • pale.emperor

    Regarding the Hitler video above, thats Tony Morris's reaction i reckon haha

  • punkofnice

    50% curved fruit - I hope the WBT$ are dying in extreme pain very quickly. That's just my wishful thinking though. I can't comment on the vid as my device won't play it.

    Development of a “bunker mentality” to hold on to the bitter end.

    Development of a “bunker VIDEO” to hold on to the bitter end.

    Kevin is the real hero here.

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah I couldn't play the YouTube either Zeb but I did enjoy the one about the kittens swimming to the boat for help. Cute. 😀

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ Xanthippe Lol!

    Thanks Zeb, Hitler's thousand year reign was just as illusory as the Watchtower's.

  • LV101

    Half Banana - good points/thanks.

  • steve2

    Half Banana, excellent observations. I think the organization will be around for decades to come - but it will be very much further downsized. But certainly its heyday of significant growth is over.

  • joe134cd

    I have to agree with Steve2. Jw will be around for some time yet. I suspect most of their physical assets will be gone. The religion will mainly be on line, streamed from the USA. Perhaps 2 - 3 million members world wide along with large assembly halls in main centers, that the faithful will get to if and when they can.

  • LV101

    It seems to go on and on and on but the smaller more downsized the better.

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