Sending Warm thoughts to Mulan, Bigred, Princess

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    ((((( Mulan, Bigred, Princess ))))


  • shamus

    Any updates yet? Hoping all is well.

  • lovinlife

    {{{{{Mulan and family}}}}}

    Hang in there....I am so glad you were home when this happened!

    Warm fuzzies to you all, especially your Mom!

  • Princess

    Mulan can probably give more information here. She told me this morning that the doctor found several fractured vertabrae. She probably passed out from the pain and the shock stopped her heart. The root cause is osteoperosis (sp). Nothing they can do but give meds for the pain.

    Take your calcium.

  • Mulan

    Checking in briefly..............I now have the flu. I spent the whole afternoon in bed and am literally "coughing up my toenails". Miserable timing. My brother is taking over for now on dealing with doctors, but his car in in the shop so he is about 40 minutes away. I can't talk much without a major coughing spasm.

    Mom is doing okay with morphine, and told me not to worry about what happens next. I do worry though, and wonder how I can manage caring for her without any training for the job, since she literally isn't supposed to do anything, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, etc. She will go to a rehab center for awhile anyway, so I have some time to work with the social workers to see what's next. At her age, I don't know how they treat osteoporosis.

    Thanks again for all your kind thoughts, prayers, and wonderful messages.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    (((Mulan))) Take care of yourself. Your mother sounds like she is in good hands and the last thing she would need right now is the flu. And it sounds like she isn't going anywhere soon.


  • Tatiana


  • Makena1

    (((Mulan and family))))

    Very sorry to hear about your mom, and that you are not feeling well. If there is anything we can do, please PM us.


    Mak and Sabine

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