Publisher ID: leaked video clip 2 of 4

by Fay Dehr 44 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Gorbatchov

    I think the intentions could be ok.

    But... how far it is from the first christian situation. acts like a new technology corporation.

    Why they need this intel?

    It's better that organization and believer keep some distance.


    Brother X. is been involved in some serious crime.

    Can watchtower react "we have no relation with this person" if they have this amount of trace and tracking?




    The Speaker is from South Africa [ is South African ]

    Any idea where this was recorded ?

  • lastmanstanding

    What good is data related to one’s religious affiliation?

    Hitler could never have killed so, so many Jews if not for IBM.

    Goes to show how good data comes in handy when you are a despot.

  • _Morpheus

    And we have a goodwins law!!!

  • amicabl

    Morpheus....I think it's Godwin's Law. I think references to Hitler also will come up in argumentative conversation as well as on long threads. It is an extreme example to support a point of view. could also have mentioned what happened in Holland in WW2. The Dutch kept such meticulous records on citizens that the Nazis were easily able to identify Jews and others they didn't like etc. I read this decades ago goodness knows where.

    I can't imagine Gerrit Lurch and the boys sending out hit men armed with Lugers to take out vile apostates like Cedars and others.

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