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  • _Morpheus
    The wine could even contain Jim Jones special ingredients, to ensure that the number of partakers WILL be lower the following year...

    For thor sake your a lunatic. This positively stupid.

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    I can get the forms tomorrow, which on the REVERSE contain sensitive info about the publisher. Surely you too, as secretary, would have sat down with two other elders and evacuated them, scoring their "spirituality"? Did you never do that as secretary?

  • _Morpheus

    If your referring to the meteo witnessing form yes i am aware of it. What possible confidential info is that??? Its a subjective view of your relative cultiness. Who cares? Put it in 1000 data bases. Give it to every Russian hacker, plaster it on the dark web and post it on googles home page. WHO CARES??????

    Thats my point. You havnt thought about this for 2 seconds before you ran around like loon talking about big brother and jim jones. Take another xanax and put the keyboard down.

  • Dreamerdude

    I would be find if they established a program to better track their known pedophiles. But the only example detailed in the videos is that of an 85 year old faithful pioneer sister who would not be required to log in to enter her own data. They would have some one else do that for her. Of course they want to track her so they can make sure they inherit any wealth she might have. When they see her date of birth, they will want to make sure she has her personal copy of donation brochure.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Morph, it's like you're being deliberately obtuse here, my friend.

    Lots of people here, for REALLY obvious reasons, don't want their "spiritual" information in one convenient, easily-searchable place.

    I don't think anybody's too worried about their name and address getting out..

    Did traffic get you down today? I thought it sucked.

    Maybe drink a beer and chill out? 🍺

  • moreconfusedthanever

    God, if he in fact exists, is the reader of hearts and does not need a data base to find his worshipers nor does he require money because doesn't the bible say he could make the stones cry out?

    These men are lying charlatans and dangerous​.

  • stillin

    Since part of the criterion for this data is that you are a "publisher," I don't think that many of us will be included in the database. But that has its' own downside. NOT being in the database puts us in a separate database, EX-Witnesses that the WTS cares nothing about. So our past JC's can be offered up to whichever law enforcement agency asks for them, dressed up however the elders wanted them to be, whether they are true or not. The Society doesn't have to worry about lost contributions either; if you haven't been witnessing, you likely haven't been contributing.

    I would certainly be curious about the notes taken at my JC. But, not being a publisher probably disqualifies me from access.

    But we can be sure that there are files on each of us, especially if there were judicial committees.

  • amicabl

    I hate to say this but there is a strong smell of paranoia in many of these comments.

    Not so long ago there was a news item where a woman complained about a pizza delivery guy “misusing” info she had given when ordering a pizza. He had telephoned asking for a date. I think that is sad that people think that way. Years ago we had telephone directories which few opted out of.

    I remember when freedom of information laws came in in the seventies in Aus. There were salaried employees waving little bits of paper allowing them to see their personal files. I do not know what they expected to find but they all went away disappointed. The files were unredacted, any comments made about them in margins were quite valid.

    I don’t care if WT puts me in their database as mentally diseased or whatever. What does it matter. I would be interested to know whether or not I was entitled to view the complete file they had on me though, although only if I was taking legal action against them for some reason. I don’t know anything about current law in this regard.

    Just a few thoughts.

  • _Morpheus
  • Listener

    This video was made sometime before Sept. 2017, which is the date they said they would start the first phase with a completion time of eight months.

    It could be possible that the video was released by the org. Us apostates provide valuable feedback to the organisation, it's free and insightful.

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