This week is water weak in watch tower land

by prologos 11 Replies latest social humour

  • prologos

    out of the mouth of babes: 3 year old daughter in her little tub, having her daily evening bath; while her mother is watching and preparing tomorrow's "water faith", wt magazine, underlining it while leaning on vanity.

    Prologos asking daughter, who just on friday had traumatic experience in the pool during her swimming lessons:

    "daughter dear, what happens when you try to walk on water?": eager answer: "you sink." yeah, think.

    hope it sinks in, eventually.

  • prologos
    last night's meeting finished the imitation faith of No ah. questioning experts: How many species or kinds would be surviving with only one male and one female left in the wild, with predation now suddenly rampant ? Even Noah's family trying to hunt down the 5 clean ones to sacrifice and eat? thimk!

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