Disassociation and Ray Franz

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  • wednesday

    As far as i can remember, talking to a df person has been an offense. And u will have to get in your "way back machine" to remember that. From the 60's at least on. At least it has been here in the area i live in. Perhaps u would have been warned at first, but if u contined , it was curtains for u too. And talking ot an apostate, heavens, u were out , strike one.

  • freedom96

    It used to be that one who da'd themselves, were considered no different than anyone else "of the world." You could socialize with them just as you can a "worldly" person today.

    That was changed about the same time as the stuff with Ray Franz.

  • metatron

    A long time ago, sombody posted a story that a KM student/elder attending Bethel was privately told

    by Swingle that they had it in for Ray Franz. They decided to df him somehow and proceeded to search for

    an excuse.


  • DanTheMan

    They were gonna find a way to get Ray come hell or high water.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    According to WT standards, Jesus would be shunned or expelled!

    Guest 77

  • Enishi

    I used to hear all sorts of crap about why Ray was disfellowshipped, someone only told me that he started teaching the Trinity, another said that he was involved in immorality.

    One ding dong even tried to tell me that he was worshipping the devil. . .

  • mizpah

    I understood it as Blondie did. The rule was made after but applied retroactively to Ray. The GB has undoubtedly denied its own responsiblity in his disfellowshipping by putting it upon the elders in Gadsden. But under the circumstances, the elders of that congregation would never have dared to do it on their own without constant communication with the Governing Body members. Clearly, the GB used the elders of the congregation to do its own dirty work.

    Then, there is the question of why the Watchtower Society made a $10,000 settlement with a "disfellowshipped" person. Did it fear a major lawsuit? The hypocrisy and deceit of the Watchtower Society is clearly evident in its treatment of Ray Franz

  • JeffT

    After Ray was disfellowshipped, an elder told me that it was standard practice to kick somebody out of Bethel, then wait I while before df'ing them. It had to do with legal stuff. Being a good dub I believed him. IMHO they set Ray Franz up.

  • Sassy

    wow I feel like I was in a coma and just woke up. I didn't know anything ever happened with Franz. I thought he died "faithful" to the end.. I met him once at a convention. I talked to people who knew him at Bethel well, I had no clue there were ever problems with him.. maybe I do need to do some reading and catch up.

  • Euphemism

    SNS... I believe you're thinking of Fred Franz, who died in 1992, a member of the Governing Body to the end.

    This thread is about Ray Franz, Fred's nephew, who resigned from the Governing Body in 1981(?), was disfellowshipped a year or so later, and is still alive. He's the author of the excellent book Crisis of Conscience; if you've never read it, I'd highly recommend it.

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