Halloween after leaving the JW's

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  • TresHappy

    When I was a kid, we did Halloween every year. No big deal, just costumes and trick or treating, but that was the 70's. When I was 11 we stopped celebrating everything, and several years ago I left the JW's. Now I celebrate most everything EXCEPT Halloween. I find the occult overtones too much. We were discussing this amongst my friends the other night. A friend of mine said she sees no difference between Halloween and the Fall Festivals celebrated by local churches. I think celebrating Halloween is definitely a personal decision and I'm not trying to sway or cause conflict, I choose not to participate. I find I am in the minority, even at my local church. Any thoughts?

  • undercover

    I was raised a JW but only from the age of 5 or 6 on. I do vaguely remember going trick-or-treating at least one time as a kid but then it stopped when my parents became witnesses.

    Now that I'm inactive and for all intense purposes not a JW, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Even as a JW I secretly liked Halloween. The spookiness, creepiness and darkness of it all. The cool costumes and scary movies. I've always enjoyed it. I'm way, way too old for trick-or-treating now, but I have been to a couple of halloween parties and I watch scary movies that week and I buy scary decorations. You can keep Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, give me Halloween. It's much more fun.

  • tinkerbell82
    You can keep Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, give me Halloween. It's much more fun.

    my sentiments exactly !!!!! i L-O-V-E halloween. i am having major post-Halloween blues. :( i wish it lasted longer than one night. i am already psyched for next year. i went trick or treating for the first time two years ago, that was SO MUCH fun!!!

  • SheilaM

    I am not crazy about Halloween, I like the fluffy side of it but the dark side I am just not into. I guess to me enough young girls are killed and tortured and chopped up and I wonder what their families think on Halloween.For me the pumpkins (carved to look like Pooh of course) and such are my cup of tea.

    This year I dressed up in some of Ant's fatigues and put my hair in pigtails

    <Tink I didn't realize your the same age as my daugtershe will be 21 the end of this month

  • stillajwexelder

    Went to a halloween party Friday night at Robdar's -- it was great

  • Jim_TX

    Halloween is a really cool holiday. I don't associate any 'occult' overtones with it... I just think it's a neat excuse to wear a costume.

    This was the second year that I actually celebrated Halloween... and it was no big deal. I just went over to a friends' house and sat outside in the driveway while the kids in the neighborhood went 'door to door'.

    If one over-analyzes every holiday, they might as well still be a JW. *grin*


    Jim TX

  • Insomniac

    I handed out candy this year for the first time. I tried not to overanalyze it and just have fun. The kids were so cute, and having such a nice time, I'd have felt like such a jerk giving them tracts on spiritism instead of candy (like my stepfather, the prince of darkness, used to do.) I was impressed by how polite they were, too.

    It did not bother me, but if it does you, you should not try to force it.

  • CPiolo

    Halloween actually isn't occult, unless you mean anything not Christian is occult. My JW wife has the same impression -- it's all about witchcraft, sorcery, and the devil. But isn't that the whole world outside Dubville? See here for a good synopsis of the Halloween tradition and its roots. (http://www.secweb.org/asset.asp?AssetID=322) CPiolo

  • Lutece

    I love Halloween and right before I disassociated I had written a fun article for the newspaper about decorating Jack-O-Lanterns, costume ideas, etc. It was when I realized I was definitely leaving the JW's. I hadn't attended meetings much the previous 6 months, just enough to keep them from bugging me all the time. During my hour and a half "discussion" with the elders, when they didn't know what else to say, they pulled out the newspaper and said "Why, of all holidays, would you promote this one, the most wicked, evil and satanic of all holidays?" I couldn't help myself, I laughed and said "oh, I was worried you saw my Christmas one". Ooooooooh, that's when I realized they might be pushing to disfellowship me on that article so I quickly asked if I could have a piece of paper. I wrote out my disassociation letter right then and there. Yeah, it was following their silly rules, but it felt damn good!


  • mizpah


    I'm with you on this one. Halloween is a major occult holiday. Just ask all the occultists who show up in Salem, Ma. on this day and the numerous participants in the "witches circle" preformed by the covens on that night!

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