What Is the JW Belief Regarding the Millennium?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Most Christian religions believe it will be a thousand-year period of peace. JWs, however, seem to believe in the resurrection and then life on Paradise Earth. But do they believe in the Millennium the way other Christians do -- where the lion will lay down with the lamb [bzzzt...Mandela Effect Correction] wolf will lay down with the lamb?

    If so, how will life in the Millennium be any different than life after the Millennium?

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses dont believe anything the same way other Christians do thats why they are Witnesses of Jehovah and not Witnesses of Jesus as the Christian Greek scriptures instructs Christians to do.

    how will life in the Millennium be any different than life after the Millennium?

    Simply stated instead of Jesus being King and ruler forever, after his thousand year rule , he hands it all back to Jehovah to be THE TRUE GOD and RULER over mankind as it was in Eden .

  • joe134cd

    Just as a side point cold steel Nelson Mandelas X-wife was a loyal JW. I think she may have been given a Kigdom hall service when she died.

  • eyeuse2badub

    What ever the jw belief is today, it's subject to change tomorrow!

    just saying!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    How about technology? Do they believe humans will continue to progress technologically? True, the vast majority of those who could design cars, homes, refrigeration units, aircraft and even extra-terrestrial communications and craft would be killed in the Big-A, over a thousand years or so they could develop schools of higher learning and figure out all that NASA stuff left in all those empty buildings.

    Since some JWs are planning to move into the homes of the "toasties" (those who will be killed by Jehovah), it doesn't sound like they're going to live under trees or in caves. So when the fireworks are over, will mankind progress or will vegetation overrun the cities? In all the pictures, everyone's wearing clothing and playing musical instruments and gathering figs and other organically grown foods.

    If I were going to live in a perfect environment, in bliss, I always figured there would be a way for me to have a food replicator that would, at my command, generate an old Hot Shoppes (circa 1968) menu, including a Mighty Mo, chicken noodle soup and French-fried onion rings. But that would take technology. I also never see people using computers in those WT pictures.

    The question is whether JWs see life on Paradise Earth as a rejection of all technology or as an opportunity to achieve all those things they were denied leading up to life everlasting. Oh, and that reminds me. Do they conceive of anyone else being out there in the trillions of stars -- perhaps other creations of Jehovah -- or are they pretty much the sum of humanity?

  • scratchme1010
    Cold Steel, why do you ask?
  • cofty

    Because he wants to share his Mormon bullshit and hopes that it looks less stupid when compared with JW bullshit.

    Google ex-mormon forums for the stories of thousands of LDS victims.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Everyone believes bullshit, Cofty. Some believe a little more or a little less than everyone else. Your most prized textbooks now won't be worth spit a decade from now. History books remain in vogue longer, but science books go out of date faster than most. Scientific journals are actually the best investment.

    The Book of Mormon has weathered time and science better than you have any idea. But you don't know enough to debate the issue because you've never taken the time to research it. Going to an anti-Mormon site to learn about Mormonism is like going to a young-Earth evangelical sites to learn about Darwinian evolution.

    In truth, you despise all religion because you were suckered by the JWs. But you refuse to use the scientific method on anything not shaped like a monkey jaw.

    Unlike the JWs, we've got anthropologists, Egyptologists, world renowned professors of ancient scripture, historians, archaeologists and geologists -- all investigating the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham, as well as works like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi and other apocryphal works. We've maintained a comprehensive list of the "problems" of our books and, as we learn more about Mesoamera and ancient Egypt, the more those problems turn into evidences. If they were the concoctions of Joseph Smith's fervent imagination, one would expect just the opposite -- that the problems would increase. But there are things we know now that no one in Joseph Smith's day could have known. And in all the ex-Mormon sites I've run across, I've seen no responses to them.

    But as to the Millennium and the JWs, wrong again. I began by going to the JW.org website and searching for the Millennium, but nothing popped up. There's no segue from that topic to Mormonism. Your intent in this discussion is only to use a legitimate interrogatory to take a cheap shot at Mormonism. Which really only means you're a bit of a jerk.

    But many of us know that already.

  • joe134cd

    Omg if I was the LDS church I would be trying to keep Egyptologists, geologist, historians etc as far away from the BoM as I possibly could. In your opinion cold steel who has the most craziest beliefs. JW or LDS

  • cofty

    Google ex-Mormon forums.

    There you will find thousands of testimonies about the lies, deceit and oppression of Mormonism. That's all the evidence I need about the merits of the cult.

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