Welcome to Apostaville--Population: You

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  • joannadandy

    So Eyegirl and I want to move in together.

    (Can you imagine the decor?)

    Sloan wants to move in with us. There would be panties hanging from the ceiling fan, a bowl of condoms on the table and various sex toys. And then there is the bar. It have to be heavily stocked at all times.

    And while it's a nice thought...I can't help but get greedy.

    It's apostofest time, and it always makes me feel all woogey inside. Everyone here is so cool and so fun to hang out with. I am really kicking myself for not coming down to Florida with you all. But I have Dallas memories to keep me all warm and fuzzy while I cheer for you all in Florida, and hope you all make as many wonderful memories as I have had in association with my fine aposto-sisters and brothers. At these times I can't help but wish we all lived closer to each other.

    And then my head starts to picture Apostaville.

    I can see the culdusac where Eyegirl, Sloan, and myself have our cute seemingly innocent house. I picture green lawns, and sweet little front porches. Caspian would be our pool boy. *insert drooling emoticon here*

    Monkey and his Honey would be our neighbors. Monkey could come over in fashion emergencies and let us borrow his eyeliner should we ever run out. He could also come over and have slumber parties with us.

    Our neighbors on the otherside would be WildTurkey and Lyineyes. Lyin would come to our slumber parties too.

    We'd all roll open our garage doors park lawn chairs in the driveway and wave at each other. There would be beer fridges in every garage.

    Valis and the Catholic School Girl would be our local body piercing experts. MrMoe would give us Tarot readings. Xena would own a small boutique and sell pet-able pants at a reasonable price.

    In the winter we'd have hockey teams. Beans, Aztec, Arrowstar, Badger, would be the captains. All for good fellowshipping opportunities!

    We'd all pile into the short bus that Eyegirl and I would have parked in our driveway and drive down to the local club where we could watch Rayzorblade be our dj. Estee would give us all dance lessons.

    Then after we all partied ourselves silly we'd pass out in Megadude's yard. Because.

    In the summer we could shell peas on Mouthy's porch.

    Bikerchic, Onacruse, BigTex and Cruzan would all live on a different street--to keep a distance from us rowdies, but they'd still go out to breakfast with us, cuz they love us inspite of our drinking problems.

    So who lives on your street? What's your house look like? Do you have roomies? Would you own the town coffeeshop so you could be in on all the gossip? Would you write the town newspaper? Would Neablis be our wandering prophet? Who's house would you TP?

  • joannadandy

    I guess no one wants to live in my town...

  • expatbrit

    Do you need an English Butler? I'm quite good at buttling.


  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    As the Phantom Stranger, I would just appear and disappear randomly.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Oooooo I have a booth set up on the corner away from most of the noise


    You can visit me there


    to talk


  • Aztec

    My first act as a hockey captain would be to recruit Jo and Eye as defensemen (err defensewomen). Afterwards we could all go back to my place to watch cartoons and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows served to us by my skinny butler Expat...LOL!

    I'd like to live in your town Jo!


  • joannadandy

    Of course!

    Just love that accent Expat...you just have to wear the uniform...

  • jgnat

    I would have a little art studio with a garden out back and lots of cats. There would be an assortment of chairs and beanbags for visitors and the kettle would always be on the boil.

  • Xena

    minimus would run the newspaper aka enquirer with blondie doing a weekly column

    jo would teach all the little apostate kids (it's almost a scary though..I see monkey crazed children )

    I would be roomies with April, Petty, Stacy,Viv, Aztec and SP with Pleasuredome as OUR poolboy

    Englishman and Ozzie will run the local pub

    LT will be the hot minister to the community

    tyydyy will be the local cop (always on the take)

    Valis will be the local supplier of fantasy fare

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Xena invited me?

    I'm there baby

    Can I bring my new boyfriend? He can be our bitch, he's cute ya know.

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