Grace Gough ( RIP ) left the JW cult in her 70s and went on to help 1000s to escape the cult

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I am proud to say that Grace Gough (Mouthy was her nick-name here) was a friend of mine. A gracious and kind woman who fought against cultic evil like a valkyrie! She will be remembered fondly.

    I offer this challenge to those who thank Grace for her kindness to them: WHAT are YOU doing to "pay it forward"?

    Be like the one who helped you.

  • clarity

    When I first discovered this site about 2010, Grace was here in all her glory. Sending the bad boys to their rooms ha ha ....loved it!

    She had lost a husband & a daughter in death and some of her family to that evil cult!

    How very brave she was ..... if she had kept quiet, her family would have looked after her in her old age . But she spoke out and lost the comfort and help that an elderly woman needs!

    Phizzy, oh yeah she left her own personal touch on here.


  • Mouthys_granddaughter

    Hi Folks! I am Grace's grand daughter (Tara) Sometimes when I am missing her I google her name, and watch her videos or listen to her online testimonies and I can see her face and hear her voice again. I assure you that her presence in the real world was just as profound. I love to see that she is still remembered and talked about - She spoke about the members of this page as if they were family and she was so proud to be named "Mouthy" I was with her until the last moment and she still had every ounce of spunk in her :)

  • Simon

    It was really great having her here. It sounds like the was exactly the character I pictured her to be. I wish I'd had the chance to meet her.

  • nicolaou

    Grace helped people because she cared about them, there was no other motive for her. No ego, vanity or self promotion, her family should be proud of her. An example for us all.

  • smiddy3

    Thank you Tara for providing that photo and sharing it with us here ,she was a character and i only got to know her by her posts here at a later stage in her life.But she sure made an impression in whatever she spoke about.

    I`m sure she would be very proud of you also ,and thank you for this post and photo.

    Do you have a photo of her as a young woman ? i`m sure that would be appreciated by all that knew her here .

    take care ,you have obviously been a loving granddaughter to her.

  • blondie

    I became one of Mouthy's grandchildren when I first left. We met in person at BRCI, an organization that helped ex-jws make the transition. I visited her in Canada several times and she was a young spirited woman in a older woman's body. Her energy was more than mine at 45. She had such a desire to help people get out of the WTS and stay out. She went to churches and other places to speak about the dangers of the WTS and her own life in it. She never joined an organized religion nor encouraged others to do so. I miss her too. She could always lift me up when I was feeling low and I hope that she felt that I did that for her too.

  • Mouthys_granddaughter

    Hi smiddy! I do have a photo from when she was younger!

  • Mouthys_granddaughter

    Here is a little video also :)

  • Vidiot

    @ Mouthys_granddaughter ...

    Hi. She was a very cool lady.

    You know, I seem to recall one of her earlier posts where she kind of semi-adopted us all as extra grandkids.

    Hope you don’t mind.

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