Grace Gough ( RIP ) left the JW cult in her 70s and went on to help 1000s to escape the cult

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  • Giordano

    Grace passed away May 2 2016

    It's always good to remember those on our forum who actively helped others and were always a force for good.

    Grace was shunned by a daughter and granddaughter if not others in her family until the day she passed.

    The WTBTS denied her the comfort and love of a significant number of family members because like Knorr she wasn't buying into 1914 totally.

    The WTBTS is a weak minded religion totally insecure in it's own doctrines which come and go with the wind.

  • flipper

    Grace was a beautiful woman inside & out. I had the privilege of chatting on the phone with her and I always respected and admired her dignity, class, and love for humanity and people exiting the WT and JW cult. She died the same year my own mom died, and I believe I saw lots of similarities with her personality that was in my own mom. One reason I was drawn to her. Rest in peace Grace, we still love you & miss you

  • carla

    Grace was a wonderful lady! always willing to help others out. Her family missed so much by shunning her.

    Her legacy lives on here and elsewhere.

  • Wakanda

    She was an inspiration! I only saw a few of her posts as I was waking up, and now thanks to Simon I can look through the older posts from when I was asleep as a JDub.

    Thank you Grace.

  • fiddler
    well, now I know why I looked at this site this was to see all the wonderful tributes to Grace (Mouthy). I even watched most of her service! I am not Christian myself but I respect Christians who ‘walk the walk’ and really know the meaning of love. I think Grace was one of those Christians. RIP Grace a.k.a. Mouthy
  • JRK

    RIP Grace!


  • BluesBrother

    A legend of this board ( and no doubt other sites) . She may have been considered " mouthy" in her old congregation, they do of sisters that do not accept every word they say. In reality she was a kind sweet lady who helped a lot of people.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  • Phizzy

    I agree with all the tributes on here, and am proud to say that she never sent me to the "naughty corner" on this Site, as she had to with some Posters !

    She was a very sweet lady, and I felt closer to her then my own grandma, who died when I was very young.

    She was courageous and full of integrity too, though evilly treated by the JW Cult, which cut her off from her family even though what she was saying was Truth, the love she had for people moved her to do all she could to free others from the Cult.

    A lovely, and a great Lady. We miss you Grace.

  • Cadellin

    RIP, Mouthy. You were a formidable woman.

  • steve2

    I did a double take when I saw this thread - then I remembered that Grace died about two years ago. She was a wonderful, kind-hearted but straight-talking lady.

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