Contacting old friends

by Scherlemuch2tired 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • LongHairGal

    I have found Facebook to be invaluable for contacting old friends, neighbors, school mates and people I knew before I was a JW.

    But, I must warn you:..if you are an ex-Witness trying to contact JWs from years back, it can go one way or the other!.. Some will be glad to hear from you and their human side will wish you well. Others will have the cult ‘loyalty’ thing kick in and you may get a less than friendly answer... I found this amusing, especially with somebody from years back who was hardly seen at meetings...Now, they’re all ‘righteous’🙄.

    But, I have had mostly positive responses. Even if the people live in another part of the country and I’m never going to get together, I never regret saying hello and wishing an old acquaintance well, even if they feel they can’t return the sentiment because of the religion. So what?

    Try it😊!

  • Dagney

    I agree to explore Facebook. I used to get a little sad going down the JW rabbit hole of seeing former friends. But I think that has finally passed.

    Just last December I was contacted by a friend who left about 30 years ago, which opened up the way for about a dozen more connections from the old hall, teen years. It's been really nice seeing their names and comments regularly, and chatting about the old and new days. They were much smarter than I was leaving years ago. sigh.

    Just put in some names and see what happens!

  • Scherlemuch2tired

    Thank you all. I have found a few on FB. This site seems a little more confidential than Facebook so I thought maybe others would be on here. Yes, breakfast of champions, that's the subject I was interested in finding people about...

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