35 Years Ago Today - John Lennon - Peace Advocate was Murdered

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  • flipper

    LOVEUNIEXAM- Hey thanks for the you tube of the rare Lennon song. Serve Yourself. Pretty cool song. He did advocate for peace for sure, he was no saint, but like you say- he never claimed to be.

    FINKELSTEIN- As you say not only John Lennon but thousands of other celebrities have either done drugs, committed adultery , or other various sundry things- I still see people go and pay to watch their movies and listen to their music. It doesn't mean a person advocates their life style - they just appreciate the talent they bring as human beings who are artists.

    UNDER THE RADAR- Exactly. You see the point I'm making - the bigger picture. If a person had to single out every famous person on the planet throughout the centuries- I'm quite sure dirty laundry could be brought up about most of them. All of us have our share somewhere along the timeline. Thanks for bringing up all of those examples of famous people. You help prove the point I'm making.

    ORPHAN CROW- Thanks for the beautiful Imagine with acoustic guitars. Very nice. I think I may have that on a CD somewhere. One of Lennon's best songs if not THE best.

    FINKELSTEIN- All You Need Is Love. Thanks for posting- so true.

    EVA LUNA- Wow, what an experience you had to be at a Stevie Wonder concert the night Lennon was killed. That will stick with you the rest of your life I'm sure hearing the tribute from Stevie and those other artists. What an incredible experience. And to see Santana and Bob Marley performing also ? Wow. Two more of my musical heroes. What a touching night ! Thanks for sharing .

    LITTLEROCKGUY- If you want to continue to cast stones at famous people just check out the list that the poster Under the Radar provided of famous people who had huge character flaws throughout history . Even political leaders who allegedly claimed they were " peacemakers " . I suppose then- you'll have to hate many of the famous people who have existed on this planet for thousands of years then. How do you find time to carry around that much hate and vitriol within yourself ? You must be a nervous wreck in your day to day life and very unhappy as well. Sure Lennon had his flaws, so do I, so do you- fuckin' get over it. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    TALESIN- Hey thanks for posting the you tubes of Mother, God, and The Ballad of John and Yoko. All stellar songs. Especially I like God out of those 3, very honest lyrics. Good point you make about John sharing his pain through his music. I think many musicians are like that. A lot of the songs I write as a singer/guitarist have definite elements of pain I've experienced personally in life. It's what I call " musical therapy " . LOL. And yes- John Lennon really COULD sing the blues. Some of his songs were really bluesy. Even as a Beatle thinking of " Yer Blues " on the White Album and " I Want You ( She's So Heavy ) " on the Abbey Road album stand up as really great examples of his blues capabilities vocally and musically .

    LOVEUNIHATEXAMS- Indeed the raw emotion in the song " Mother " was really gut wrenching. The last couple days while travelling on the road in my business I've been listening to all of John's solo music . It reignites my deep appreciation of just how talented a songwriter he truly was.

    WATSON- Exactly. John had definitely a social conscience for what is happening in the bigger picture in our world advocating peace and love. He had trouble in his personal life- but hell, who hasn't as an adult ? And the rumors from some posters here of him " beating " his women ? Bullshit. I've read many books on Lennon and biographies thick as the Bible and I don't buy the beating of women, He cheated sexually yes- and he got into fights with men- but beating women- I don't think so. Thanks for the you tube of beautiful Boy the lovely tribute to his son Sean. It shows that he grew up as he got older and became a better father in his 2nd marriage. Take THAT you Lennon haters.

    CLARITY- Imagine was a really classic song indeed. Hope you are doing well too ! Have a great Christmas !

    HAPPY DAD- I've often wondered the same thing - how many great songs not only John Lennon would have wrote if he lived but also other deceased musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding ,and Janis Joplin. People who were cut down in their early years- way too young. All the music we missed out on with their early deaths. I wonder about that all the time.

    SMIDDY- Exactly, Lennon wasn't perfect, none of us are, but we are all capable of great things.

    CODED LOGIC- Lennon truly did contribute lots to humanity for sure. Thanks for your thoughts

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thanks, Flipper.

    And yes- John Lennon really COULD sing the blues. Some of his songs were really bluesy - and so I hope you appreciate the following:


    Any excuse!

  • flipper

    Here is another of Lennon's songs I really liked :

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlzrNKN3r2l .

  • OrphanCrow

    LoveUni, that is a great video.

    Damn..now I just want to go drink whiskey and dance!


  • flipper

    Great. They took the video off of the you tube I was trying to post. Damn. Let me try again . This song is pretty cool :


  • littlerockguy


    My comment wasn't to completely trash John Lennon. It's just that people elevate him to such a godlike status it's irritating instead of presenting a picture of a guy with flaws, warts and all. I spent my hard-earned lawnmowing money on some of his records when I was a kid. I remember hearing the morning news of his death years ago when I was getting ready for school. I was 13 years old.

    I think he had a problem with jealousy. I was listening to a Carole King interview when he and McCartney met her and her then husband Gerry Goffin and she said that he was kinda rude her and then later she found out that he wanted he and McCartney to be the next "Goffin/King" success. Ironically "Jealous Guy" is one of my favorite songs by him, lol

  • flipper

    LOVEUNIHATEXAMS- Wow ! I've never seen that you tube of John playing with Clapton and Keith Richards ! Oh my god. Awesome ! Thanks for posting it.

    ORPHAN CROW- I think you have the right idea, I'm going to listen to this Lennon, Clapton, and Keith Richards you tube later as well and have a couple stout Sierra Nevada Torpedo beers man ! Does make a person wanna boogie ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • LoveUniHateExams

    now I just want to go drink whiskey and dance! - and I want to drink whiskey, sit down and watch people dance!

    As Flipper mentioned 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)', here it is:


    John only sings two or three lines over and over, and I'm not sure what it's about, is he singing about Yoko or about heroin?

    But, there's something about the song. It builds in intensity with john manically screaming 'yeaaahhhh!!!'

    P.S. Gimme Some Truth is pretty good, too!

  • flipper
    LITTLEROCKGUY- I appreciate what you are saying. If I came off as too angry to you- I apologize as well. It's just that being in the JW's until age 44 over 12 years ago- I've had enough of self righteousness type attitudes that the WT Society promoted of the WT seeming better than everyone else. So your initial post kind of brought " self righteousness " flashbacks to me. I realize that you are not truly that way. You've been on the board here for years and I know that you are a good guy. I appreciate that Lennon had lots of warts , but my point is that " don't we all " ? I don't look at anybody as a " God " - because in reality I don't believe in " God " or the concept of " God's " at all. And yeah, Jealous Guy was a cool song indeed. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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