JW broadcasting July 2018

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  • moomanchu

    I liked to ask JW's "when you research purchasing a new car, stereo,phone ect. what do you do?"

    If you want to buy say a Ford focus car you don't use Ford's information exclusively to decide if it's a good car.

    You find unbiased, neutral, unrelated reviews and information on the car.

    So what do you do when you buy into the most influential thing in your life, religion?

    Careful what you wish for Watchtower.

  • slimboyfat

    Thanks dozy for the summary, definitely more succinct and to the point than certain other online reviews of the broadcast.

    Interesting that they are reusing video material. Is Watchtower actually producing any new stuff these days?

  • eyeuse2badub

    You can have anything you want for breakfast---------as long as it's oatmeal!

    just saying!

  • careful


    Interesting that they are reusing video material

    It's just taking the old procedure of regurgitating in-print material from previous in-print publications and applying it to the new electronic medium. Ray Franz in CofC, I think, discusses how writers were assigned a topic and they just found an old WT or Awake! mag that discussed the matter and reused it. New medium, same old policy.

    Is Watchtower actually producing any new stuff these days?

    Didn't Ray Franz say that the old Aid book was different, that he was told not to "contaminate" it with stuff from the old WT lit. but to make it new? If so, and counting in things like the Commentary on James written by someone else from the same period who was excommunicated, has there been anything really "new" since those days?

    The ID of the F&DS as the GB, the jettisoning of anti-types, and the harebrained "overlapping generations" seem about it. Haven't there been some odd tweakings of the 1914-1919 period and what certain things were supposed to mean too?

  • slimboyfat

    The Creator Book was pretty good. I heard it was written by Jack Barr. Or was that Lloyd Barry?

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