Zeb's Memorial Experience

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  • Drearyweather
    Who says that they don't have that right?

    No one. I made the comment in view of some posters who mentioned that the gate crasher was intimidated by the elders and should press assault charges against them.

  • Faded

    Reddit has an interesting thread about the merits of the hall crashing. The poster has a great list of his/her perceived benefits. They say in part

    I used to think crashing meetings was pointless. Now I feel it’s a fantastic and courageous act. Here’s why:

    1. It disrupts the so-called “sacredness” of the meeting. That supposed special feeling everyone has? Ruined. Especially at the Memorial. The cultlike trance everyone is in is broken. The so-called “love” and “unity” is being called for what it is, a cult that practices shunning of family members. You can see the absolute shock on people’s faces as they hear about shunning and pedophiles being protected.

    2. The elders are shown as really powerless. Someone stands up at the meeting and starts talking. The elders tell them to stop and they don’t! Where is the Holy Spirit when you need it! Those holier than thou elders can’t do anything except tell them to leave. Ha ha ha! No back room meetings, they can’t use their supposed authority on them. Then when they threaten to cal the police the crasher says, “then why don’t you call the police on pedophiles? This is hugely embarrassing for the elders.

    3. Everyone talks about it later. I read all day today on social media about one of the crashes at the Memorial. That’s all the Witnesses were talking about. Last year so many of our “Facebook friends” in our area were posting photos of the Memorial. But yesterday a crasher spoke up at a local Memorial and today NO ONE from that Hall posted photos. All they are talking about online is how someone disrupted their Memorial.

    4. The young people in the audience may feel empowered. So many young people are on this forum feeing alone and powerless. Their parents lord it over them. Then they suddenly see someone standing up and speaking out! It can be done! Someone can actually stand up to the organization.

    5. Some may actually hear the content of what the crasher is saying and look it up. Witnesses live in a bubble and usually never hear about shunning or the two-Witness rule or the ARC. Suddenly it’s blasted out loud. JWFacts.com as well. Some may look it up, especially those already with doubts.

    6. The #metoo movement and the Parkland shooting survivors are showing that activism is being taken more seriously. This is not thirty years ago. People are speaking up about injustices all over the place.

    7. They are not interrupting to talk about doctrine. They don’t mention 1914, the overlapping generation, 607, none of that. They are talking about shunning family. They are taking about Witness suicides. They are taking about pedophiles in the congregation. It’s absolutely shocking and stunning to watch the faces of the audience in those videos. These are the issues the organization is facing now

    The full post can be found at https://www.reddit.com/r/exjw/comments/88wb0x/why_i_think_crashing_meetings_is_a_fantastic_idea/

    I didn't see much value in hall crashes but these are all good points.

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