Zeb's Memorial Experience

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  • HiddlesWife

    I just saw Zeb's ("I'm Worldly") video entitled: "Black Mass Mayhem" a few minutes ago. No doubt this was what he experienced at a Memorial he attended last night.


    Is this the way PIMI Dubs are acting nowadays in the Borg? Bullying-thuggishness? Any thoughts, folks?

  • Sliced

    WOW--- these guys were no doubt experiencing some high anxiety with him there. No doubt feeling a good level of embarrassment, cognitive dissonance, and pure anger with a good dash of hate! I get it, its not easy to have someone come in who you know is going to disturb the meeting, but its interesting to see how they get physical with him... honestly, my dad who is a servant and attendant is the type that would haul off and punch someone in the face if he thought the threat was great enough... yup, that's a weakness in JW land and one that I love and I am trying to exploit to help him WAKE UP!! (He's nearly there, just need to get him to look at the ARC)

  • Sliced
    PS) to me, the more physical- the weaker they are and its A GOOD THING! haha Take a slug from one of these guys and you've accomplished something! hahahaaa
  • HiddlesWife

    Sliced=> I understand what you are saying. KH crashers like Zeb, Stacey Lopez, 1 bun, Down with the Tower, etc., should press assault charges on these el-thugs. And el-thugs like these no doubt are the type of "men"--if you can call them that--are cowards. If real/bonafide tough guys were to fight them (in either self-defense or as assailants), they would be running away with their tails between their legs. These el-thugs are the type who could be and maybe are pedos in the Borg. Hopefully soon some day, all el-thugs would get their a$$e$ kicked real good!

  • Crazyguy

    This guy needs to put together a simple message that jws may understand and stick to it! They don’t know what the two witness rule is just say they covering up pedophile. Then don’t change the subject to black mass etc.... Keep it shot sweet and stay on point.

  • Sliced

    No, I am not sure if you really do understand what I am saying.

  • Sliced

    I disagree with your comment about these guys being cowards... in their minds they think they are standing up and doing the right thing. They are programmed like robots... those that break protocol are the type of person that has a chance to wake up since they are already crossing a JW line... However, with that said, I don't think pushing people to a breaking point like this is the greatest way to wake people up. I have mixed feelings about the KH crashes since I know what its like sitting in that audience. To me, this feeds into the persecution complex and drives them closer to the organization looking for support out of fear from Satans apostates... etc etc... if you were once a JW, then surely you can remember this feeling... ?

  • Wakanda

    He seems sadder this year, and I feel for him. Go Zeb go. I love his videos. Here's last year's Memorial (less than 2 minutes, and with "are you hugging me?"):


  • DesirousOfChange

    This guy is behaving like a total asshole. He is totally disrespectful of their right to assemble peaceably. He creates a bad image (mentally diseased apostates) of everyone who has a legitimate complaint against the WTS/JWs. In some States, I believe this could be enough for a person to feel "threatened" and be sufficient cause to take defensive action against him.

    I'm sure the fact that there were over 100 witnesses (not just the JW kind) is the only thing that kept him from getting his ass kicked. And frankly, that's what needed to be done.

  • AudeSapere

    It's outrageous. It's 'in your face'. It goes right over most JWs heads. It reinforces JW perception that XJW's are crazy. To the average JW, it sounds absurd. It reinforces JW persecution complex.

    It feels wrong.

    But I'm also certain it gets some JWs talking.

    Or a least thinking.

    And maybe that's a start.

    But I think they are talking more about the actions and the disruption rather than the actual message.

    It feels wrong and disrespectful to invade and disrupt religious services.

    But JWs for so many years said they are not a religion. And they said their places of worship are not churches. And for over 100 years they run their organization like a business. A non-charitable, tax-exempt business with a religious fairy-tale message.

    And the Jehovah's Witness organization does invade and disrupt and break-up families. [Just ask anyone who has observed the recruitment and indoctrination of a family member.]

    But the average JW does not really perceive it this way.

    In the minds of the JWs watching the 'outbursts', the disruptive nature of these KH stormings would validate the shunning (and disfellowshipping) of the participants.

    The kids or others who may already be seeing cracks in the organization and those starting to wake up may be the only ones who take note. But I would assume that they don't want to be aligned with what they perceive as unhinged, raging, mentally-diseased, demon-possessed activists.

    And yet...

    We learned to 'Preach with Boldness' at our KingdomHalls.

    These activists learned their lessons while in their seats at the Hall and in Field Service.

    This activism feels wrong. But it also feels very right, in a weird sort of way.

    Maybe business cards with links to a few select clips of the ARC (or a 20-min video of ARC highlights and a link to the full 8-10 days testimony of the ARC) and jwfacts.com??

    I would love to see links to print out the XJW convention brochure from 10 years (?) ago, the Funny Money, and the new brochure that was featured at the Warwick protest march last fall. These printed items can be left around town by those of us who for a very wide variety of reasons cannot or will not join the 'in-your-face' team. We can feed the information to the general public who can then have a topic of conversation to start with any JW they come in contact with.

    The printed pieces can begin specifically ask the recipient to discuss this info with any JW they meet.

    Just a few thoughts as I watch these YouTube videos.

    The CTV program that aired last week (?) was sooo well done. And I thought nicely explained why some feel the need to storm KingdomHalls. Time will tell how much of an effect it has on the average JW.

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