Mass Resignations In Mormon Cult

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  • steve2

    Oh dear - the Mormon church is shrinking! Not.

    You want to see real mass resignations from the Mormon church? Implement within the church a policy of acceptance of gay married couples. Watch the dramatic resignations then! And I suspect the leaders know this.

    As the church authorties noted in the above link, less than 4% of those resigning were active Mormons. That means over 96% of the resignations were inactive Mormons.

    I note elsewhere in that same article it described the Mormon church as fast-growing, with 15,000,000 members. I'd presume that, like the JW organization, the bulk of the growth is in non-Western lands where the liberal thinking of the West is anathema.

  • clarity

    Freemind .....yes what ever happened to our 'walking out' day? Are there still plans for it. Let me know will you?

    Maybe the Mormons will garner some attention that we could use to our advantage!


  • janusfulcrum
    Agreed, Steve. As he says, the church doesn't have to worry about alienating the greater part of its membership with the current stance. They continue to grow regardless of being anti an openly gay life.

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