Mass Resignations In Mormon Cult

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  • Simon

    They provide their "product" (religion with certain beliefs) because there is demand for it. Once that demand wanes they will revamp their product.

    "Now with 15% added tolerance !"

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I wonder if the JWs will one day say that being gay is a conscience matter. - Not!
  • tim3l0rd
    Mormons don't shun quite the same way as JWs either. They feel more open to discuss problems with one another. JWs are constantly told not to "murmur".
  • KateWild

    Interesting if it's true. The source is not one I have heard of. Seems pretty good none the less, and is a good example to those JWs who are awake and still stuck in WT.

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    This is a much better article from a more reliable mainstream unbiased source.

    Kate xx

  • OrphanCrow
    KateWild: Interesting if it's true. The source is not one I have heard of.

    I am pretty sure it is true, Kate.

    New York Times


    Los Angeles Times

  • KateWild

    Yeah I noticed Orphan Crow. Hey Cofty are you spreading your literature about lol ?

  • Clambake

    Any church that starts taking a liberal stance on things like homosexuality and abortion won’t be around very long. The United Church of Canada ( once the biggest domination in Canada ) started taking a so called progressive view social issue in the late 60s and now only has 1/10 the membership it use to with the average age of its members being well over 60 years old .

    I think we have thought so far outside the box on the gay issue we have forgot how to think inside the box. White people can’t join the black panthers, Men can’t join womens hockey etc etc.

    if you are gay, why do you even want to go to church?

  • OrphanCrow
    KateWild: Yeah I noticed Orphan Crow


    I think we were posting at the same time...I didn't notice your second post until after I had finished mine.

  • janusfulcrum

    Interesting op ed piece by Bloomberg View columnist on this subject, Signs of hope for gay LDS faithful, who writes "..the prospects for future tolerance. ...are stronger in a faith that believes in continuing revelation than they are in one ....that cleaves to traditional teachings..." He goes on "the phenomenon of continuing revelation means that no element of LDS doctrine is totally unchangeable" citing their changes to plural marriage and the racial issue. He attributes the possibility of change more to LDS obedience to and constitution than to compassion, etc. but still an interesting thought that the church may still change in the future their current stance, more so in obedience to law.

    Partially mirrors JWism in the changing doctrine, but tolerance for gays? Not so much. Not holding my breath on that one.

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