Quick and vague Memorial invitations

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  • BluesBrother

    I well remember the campaign that Steve2 talks about. It was a great time... we really felt like God's final messengers.

    "The Truth", as we believed it to be was so much fun back then. They don't know what they missed ,today. I don't know how they motivate the young ones...........

  • dozy

    I found one on my doormat on coming home from work this week. It's actually the first tangible evidence that any JW has been at my home for 3 years.

    The invitation is really vague - no mention whatsoever of JWs other than a small refence to JW.Org ( but the fact that the tract is published by the WTBTS I guess gives it away. ) Even the ink stamped on KH address doesn't say Jehovah's Witnesses - just "Kingdom Hall".

    Seeing the ( slightly offset ) Kingdom Hall address brought back memories of stamping thousands of Kingdom News tracts with the Kingdom Hall address pre-1975 when I was a child. As others have said - there did seem to be some purpose - a sense of finality - back then.

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