Why didn't God also reveal himself to the Canaanites just as he did to Moses in the burning bush?

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  • deegee


    Further to your foregoing comments regarding the Jewish perspective:

    1. Did God appear to Moses?

    2. Are the Jews/Israelites God's chosen people?

    3. Is there any part of the OT that should be taken literally? If so, can you specifically state which parts?


  • RubaDub

    Because the Canaanites were bastards and deserved it.

    Rub a Dub

  • Vidiot
    deegee - "...I imagine they had lots of fun in the sack while they were awake..."
    For Noah, it would've been a truly immersive experience... :smirk:
  • deegee

    I imagine it would have been a rather immersive experience Vidiot..............Noah had so much more of his giant wife to love..........'love handles' and all.

  • Finkelstein

    In ancient times there was a stature of competitiveness between which civilization had the most powerful god on their side, so stories were expressed into pictographs onto temples and some scribed into writings of these tales.

    Perhaps the Hebrews were once descendants of the Canaanite civilization that were at one time enslaved in Egypt, only to be released.

    During their time in Egypt, these people observed how much the Egyptians focused their attention to one demigod the Pharaoh, that they should convert to monotheism from polytheistic style of worship and Adonai or YHWH was born, Lord of lords.

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