Why didn't God also reveal himself to the Canaanites just as he did to Moses in the burning bush?

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  • David_Jay

    I should add here: while the ideas of Finkelstein are quite popular as part of a mystical movement that makes the strong connections you read above in Finkelstein's post (you can Google this and find a plethora of blogs and even quasi-religious movements that share these views), they are not accepted or advanced by either Jewish or mainstream academia.

    Though the most popular critical theory in Judaism is that the monotheistic God-concept may have originated with the Moabites, this does not mean that a theophany closer to the traditional narrative is completely dismissed.

    And while I am not saying that the theories presented by Finklestein are impossible or without merit. It is just, again, the work of people who are not Jews who for whatever reasons, often suggest that their views are of more merit than my own people's.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Moabite queen

  • fukitol

    These are mostly true ancient accounts of ancient Jewish genocide and war crimes overlaid with pure myth invented by the Jewish priest class who said it was all done at Yahwehs order. How else to morally justify what is morally indefensible and proclaim divine right to stolen land. It's called divine command theory.

  • schnell

    Moabite queen is freaking beautiful...

  • Vidiot
    deegee - "Why didn't God also reveal himself to the Canaanites just as he did to Moses in the burning bush?"

    Moses had better drugs. :smirk:

  • Finkelstein

    One should never look alone for honest factual occurrences of particular events in ancient mythological writings, that includes the bible. The ancients many times scribed out occurrences not based on facts but to create power and relevance to their specific god(s) of worship, it was apart of their sociological behavior.

    What is also seen that ideological concepts of what deities were or might do were plagiarized from one civilization to another .

  • RubaDub

    Why didn't God also reveal himself to the Canaanites just as he did to Moses in the burning bush so that the massacre/genocide of the Canaanites could have been avoided?

    Hey, we all have our off days.

    And with all the evil demons around, you always have to be looking over your back.

    Rub a Dub


    Moses left Egypt with all the knowledge of Egypt's religion. He used the same powers of divination as the Egyptian Priests, he was just better at it. At least that's what the Bible says.

    Anyway, Moses got tired of herding goats and thought, "Man this sucks!! I need to start my own religion!!!" The rest is History....


  • Vidiot
    schnell - "Maybe Noah had a giant wife."

    Imagine the possibilities... :smirk:

  • deegee

    LOL Vidiot..........Noah and his giant wife probably slept in separate beds just in case she should crush him............but I imagine they had lots of fun in the sac while they were awake.........

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