My JW niece is getting married ... typical JW drama

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  • jp1692

    WBF, understood.

    I feel your pain, brother!

  • just fine
    just fine

    I’m sorry for what you are going through. I have been out almost 20 years and I can’t imagine a situation where I would allow someone to treat my spouse so disrespectfully. I am “just inactive” too, but still shunned by some of my relatives.

    I think it’s ridiculous that you and your daughter are being treated this way. Of course not being invited can also be a gift, and I am betting your daughter will not soon forget this, further insuring she won’t join this cult.

  • scary21

    It would have to be maybe a year from now, Or this summer , but wouldn't it be funny if you got an invite to lets say a friend at works daughters graduation party, and she was not invited ( you could send it yourself}

    Well honey my friend said here will be drinking and eating of rare steak,which he says JW don't do. Besides his daughter had a very bad experience with a young jw boy in high school so they really don't want any JW's at her party.

    You know I have worked with Joe Blow for years and I really need to go. It will be so much

    OK that might be too mean but I would be thinking about it !.

  • Xanthippe

    You raised an amazing daughter, intelligent enough not to get baptised and yet still loving and open-minded, remembering the affection she had for her cousin as a child. You helped her to be strong emotionally so she is not broken by this, good for you.

  • nugget

    JWs can make a drama over anything. I would suggest to your wife that as you are not included in the invite it may offend her brother if you contributed to the wedding by paying for your wife's travel and accommodation. Perhaps it would be better for his conscience if he funded it so that there was no taint on the wedding and you would then have no involvement.

    JWs are happy to take from others but give nothing back they will expect gifts and goodwill from others but will give no compromise. Weddings should be a happy family event it is ridiculous that it becomes a staged advertorial for the organisation.

    It is also concerning that the grooms family are behaving so badly and making a fuss about your daughter being involved in the wedding. It is none of their business who the bride picks.The wedding plans have changed so much that it now has nothing to do with the bride and groom at all.

  • carla

    Maybe you should sit on the beach with a cocktail and sign that says, "I'm the guy not invited because I no longer attend a kh" or (Your shunned Uncle wishes you all the best, you're gonna need it!) (find something better) and post it on fb or elsewhere. Ask the wife if she would like such a public display of your dissing her and her religion as she is publicly dissing you by going to the event without you.

    If worldly relatives and friends are going there is no reason they didn't invite you other than to be asses.

    The only good news in this is that you have told the story here and now it will be re-told to non jw's. Hope your wife is proud to be part of that. Giving such good witness for jah!

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