Am I losing my mind or am I being stalked?

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  • scratchme1010
    Now that I have stopped responding to texts, calls I feel almost stalked. Today, a random car sat at the end of my driveway for well over 15 minutes with a lady looking at me. I came to my door, she waved, and then made a call and drove off. Maybe I am paranoid, but it seemed to get very cultish. Is this a common experience?

    I really hope not. As far as I know, JWs are not trained to obsess about gaining converts that way, please read that last part, that way. Do you have any reason to believe that the "stalking crazy woman in the car" was a JW?

    Stalking is a serious matter, so I hope it's not that they decided to do that on their own (which is possible), but it is not a directive from the WT organization.

    Either way, don't entertain any unwanted attention.

  • Wakanda

    Maybe this would help:

    Good luck. There are always restraining orders.

    I'm a fan of doorbell cameras used to record a JW visit, and then putting it up on youtube.

  • carla

    So glad you saw through the bs of the jw cult!

    Yes, they can and will stalk you, one way to run them off is to start taking pictures of them in their car and make sure they see you taking pictures of their license plate. At least you will have some recourse if the police are needed. Yes, it seems extreme to have to go through such lengths to get rid of them but from personal experience it may be the only way for them to finally get the hint you are not interested nor do you want them hanging around your property. Worked for me in a bit of different situation with jw's that would not leave me alone.

    For those ex jw's that think this is extreme and mean it isn't. At one time I called the police, sent letters to Bethel (which take time to make it back to the local elders) and even then they went against the 'mother' and still harassed me. It was only when this woman was threatened with df-ing that they all finally got the point. I was not a study, not nice to them and would tell them anything apostate that came to mind if they knocked.Flat out told them to put me on the do not call list. They were relentless! I could go on and on about this story but it would give me away. See? even now I still have to worry about these nut jobs. Yes, I am married to one, I have no idea how he manages at the doors knowing how I feel about them coming to my home uninvited.

    Ever notice a jw will not give you their address so you can go and knock on their door with some nutty message of your own? or perhaps send the Mormons or Scientologist or something?

  • Vidiot
    Michigan22 - "Am I losing my mind?"

    It ain't so bad, once you get used to it.

  • Londo111

    Congrats on waking up in time and seeing the warning signs.

    Let's review: it's a cult!

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