Am I losing my mind or am I being stalked?

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  • Michigan22
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I studied the Bible weekly with a wonderful JW. I suddenly stopped because things just seemed to be getting stranger. Almost all of the study was focused on Who is Doing Jehovah's Will rather than the study, and I was always being touted to others who were brought along as the "star" student / potential convert. Insults to my church, non JWs, etc. I got very overwhelmed and freaked out. Now that I have stopped responding to texts, calls I feel almost stalked. Today, a random car sat at the end of my driveway for well over 15 minutes with a lady looking at me. I came to my door, she waved, and then made a call and drove off. Maybe I am paranoid, but it seemed to get very cultish. Is this a common experience?
  • Incognito


    If you reevaluate the situation, I think you will realize your study was not a 'bible study' but was the reading of JW publications which use the JW bible to support the information being presented.

    Most of us on this forum are ex-JWs who have come to realize the JW religion as a cult.

    Your 'Wonderful' JW study conductor invested effort and time to convert you, and it is inconceivable that your study conductor could have done anything to cause you to stop your study. JW's refer to the religion as "The Truth". You deciding to stop then means to her/him that the devil is placing pressure on you so that you will not know "The Truth". She/he may be stalking you or asking others to, to identify activities and interests which have caused you to 'turn away' from "The Truth".

    Once some activities are recognized, expect your conductor or other JW to call on you with information on how those activities are taking your time away from learning 'The Truth'.

  • Giordano

    Welcome Michigan22!

    Not so much with a Bible Study. Certainly after your Baptized and they think your breaking one of the four dozen rules they apply........ stalking is par for the course.

    Your wonderful JW started to show a different side of his personality. It's a mistake to run down your church because his is in bad shape these days.

    The ban on Blood does a disservice to the JW's who are compelled to not get a life saving blood transfusion. If they try to save their life by having a transfusion they will then be shunned for the rest of that life.

    The JW's have a growing pedophile problem. Pedophiles like to be considered a good association in a religion like the JW's. And nothing is better for the pedophile then the 'two witness rule'.

    Be happy and calm......... you caught, on with lightening speed, that there is something foul about the JW's. They believe that God will kill off everyone alive that is not a JW when Armageddon takes place that's sort of being a doomsday cult.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Yeah, you've probably been discussed with several other sisters at the hall. Having a bible study gets them very excited. Mostly because there isn't many of the general public that will study with them.

    So if you stopped studying with them, your conductor wants help in finding you home. So other witnesses if they are in the area, know about you and want to "encourage" you. If you had shown a greater interest in the sister that smiled at you, she may well have gotten out of her car to talk to you.

    If you don't want them to pursue you, sometimes just saying no, might work. But then, your conductor will probably keep you in mind and stop in occasionally to try to convince you to study again. If you do a little research into the Australian Royal Commission case 29 Jehohvahs Witnesses on youtube, you will see how the JW organization doesn't report child sexual abuse to the police. Which lets the pedophile have the opportunity to molest again in the congregation, as well as children in the neighborhood - all without the police or the parents knowing.

  • Steel

    The WTS essentially a belief that Jesus died for anointed Christians or 144 who can only be understood by seven magical men called the faithful slave. Though your works and obedience to the wizards you can be saved.

    I see you have moved from the basic bible facade to the guts of what they teach. The superiority of the WTS to all other Christian denominations.

    Keep going and you get to learn about the magical wizards next.

    Congrats on being smart enough to pick up on how pompous and arrogant it is.


  • steve2

    A "random" car was parked at the end of your driveway for well over 15 minutes and a lady was looking at you? You went to your door, she waved, made a call then drove off? Have I got that right?

    Hardly sounds like stalking. If she or others return in similar fashion, okay, you could be forgiven for thinking you were being stalked. But one instance in which you cannot ascertain what is happening? Besides, what could the intention of the driver possibly be? To check up that you were home? Then what?

    BTW, is there any reason that over that period of more than 15 minutes you didn't approach the driver and ask if you could help? you would have a legitimate right to approach, given it is the end of your driveway. I'm kind of surprised you only went to the door and - it sounds like - only after more than 15 minutes had elapsed.

  • Michigan22

    Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and your encouragement. I have to say, I am grateful for the opportunity in my life that I set aide to have a relationship with Christ and God, and bringing my spiritual growth to the forefront. However, it was heartbreaking to me that this came down to me literally waking up one night in cold sweats with the overwhelming thought that something wasn't right. Quite frightening to go down the path of being so joyous about something and then all of a sudden flipping a switch and thinking "What is happening to me". I had about a month of nonstop anxiety around the holidays (which coincided with my birthday) thinking Satan was guiding me to put up a Christmas wreath. I have a business which is open 7 days a week, and when it required more of my time recently, I was told that Satan delights in keeping me away from the truth and Jehovah will bless me even more from shutting down around meeting times. My study instructor told me early on to stay away from looking at anything on the internet portraying JWs in a bad light as the people who posted were disgruntled, etc. (I am sure everyone here knows that drill....) The hilarious part of this is that I was told on numerous occasions of various internet videos of the Pope where he was completely un-Christian and the head of a church that was a "whore". I mentioned the word disfellowshipping and my study conductor was beyond alarmed. I was told it was the most loving act you could do to a loved one to show them Jehovah's love and that bad association was not Biblical. After attending meetings, I started to notice really strange dynamics as well. My instructor's family would not acknowledge nor sit with their daughter's mother-in-law despite the fact they shared grandchildren. I was introduced to everyone but her and her husband did not go to meetings anymore...... Likely disfellowshipped. Wow, what a shining example of true Christian love and acceptance of family...... Sorry for the long explanation, because my question is really "what do they gain from converts? Does a study conductor get rewarded for baptisms? "


    Michigan22 " Strangers in the night ...exchanging Scriptures ......"

  • cofty

    Hi Mich. Welcome to the forum.

    Rest assured Satan is a myth. Please stop worrying about imaginary enemies.

  • Finkelstein

    Almost all of the study was focused on Who is Doing Jehovah's Will rather than the study.

    Of course the reason why is because the WTS. has strategically brainwashed people into thinking they are doing Jehovah's will by publicly distributing the WTS's published literature.

    The WTS made up a false commercialized Gospel to enhance the proliferation of their own published goods.

    So one must clearly and honestly understand that their bible interpretation(s) of the bible are inherently devised to promote their literature distribution and circulation.

    Also if one were to read the bible carefully it says in Jesus's own words beware and stand away from false prophets, maybe he should gone further and said commercialized false prophets.

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