Why not extend your child's life and take the consequences?

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  • carla

    Excellent! loved what you wrote under the video even more than the video

  • Finkelstein

    That's another heinous concept taken by the JWS in that if you die before Armageddon you'll be resurrected into Paradise so pressing the necessity or need to conserve life now is of less concern..

    Its so simple folks dont you see.

  • LongHairGal


    I have no children but I’m glad I never had to be faced with the blood issue with a child. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I denied them blood and they died.

    I know two ex-Witnesses who were faced with this and they had NO regrets about getting blood to save their children!

  • WTWizard

    And what about the sensible thing? The best way to deal with a blood transfusion is to not need one. And I wonder how many of those things are needed because of accidents while out in field circus. How many people get hit by a car because they are trying to cross a busy street in bad weather while in field circus or get into accidents because they are going in field circus despite being tired? And the drab dress requirements? Try having a big bright yellow or scarlet coat or umbrella in rain or dense fog and see how quickly the hounders get you for it.

    As for diseases, I wonder how much the pious-sneer diet contributes to that. Fast, good-tasting poison for lunch every day is not going to contribute to health. Rather, to extend your time, you are courting diseases such as cancer and heart disease. These can and do "require" operations (actually curing these conditions with natural remedies is virtually illegal everywhere in the world) that "require" blood transfusions. Yet, what happens if people cut back on field circus so they can eat properly? More stress from the hounders, more toxicity, more cancer and heart diseases, more blood transfusion issues. And this goes for children as well.

    No, not all blood transfusion needs can be prevented with common sense. But quite a few can, and the jokehovians will not take those steps. Nor does joke-hova care enough to prevent these transfusions from becoming necessary. That thing would rather people blindly obey it (to prepare them for global enslavement) than prevent this from coming up in the first place. Obviously, the best way to prevent a blood transfusion is to not need one in the first place--yet that doesn't apply to joke-hova.

  • Diogenesister
    Good point, but it negates the JW viewpoint that by letting the child die they feel that all of them will be reunited in paradise.

    Yes but the point is, why don't you forego your place in paradise to save your child?

    And if dying for others is good, wouldn't God see you as an unselfish hero? Since you risked your eternal life for someone else?

  • 3rdgen

    In JW land young children of JW's are saved from Harm u Geddon by the FAITHFUL acts of one or both of their parents.

    I was taught that to allow a child to have a blood transfusion would PREVENT both the parent/s AND the child to survive "The Great Day of God the Almighty". IOW, Letting them live for a few months or years would cost them their "Everlasting Life"

    Jws have been indoctrinated to believe that Armageddon is coming "any minute" for over 120 years. What faithful JW wants their child to miss out on living forever. This is the miserable choice that the Rank and file are given.

    Unbaptized children are only saved from destruction by at least one faithful parent. If the parent/s allow a BT the kid is bird food. I know because I and another relative went through this horrible no-win situation.

  • Onager

    This is why we are better and more moral than God (the god presented by the JW's). Not only does he demand that we let our children die, but he let his OWN child die. I would never send my child to die to repair the mess that I'd made of the garden of Eden situation, I'd take the responsibility myself.

  • cofty

    I agree with dubstepped. They (many but not all) believe that if they are obedient then god will make everything right again for all eternity. If they are disobedient they will lose eternal life.

    Wrong beliefs lead to bad decisions.

    There are a lot of ex_JWs who don't seem to have ever been real believers.

  • 3rdgen

    Yes, Cofty, but to me, the important point is that the child is destroyed too. JW doctrine is that if Armageddon comes before a child is baptized he is under the merit of his believing parent. If the parent breaks "God's law on blood" They BOTH die according to Watchtower!

    A LOOSE LOOSE situation

  • cofty

    Good point. I had forgotten that loving provision!

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