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  • Phizzy

    I am a naturally happy person, laughing and smiling, and was so whilst in the JW "religion", but I do feel, that for me, true happiness was not an experience I had until I was well clear of the JW influence, and became the real me.

    Most of us have seen the "happy" JW pictures on Facebook and elsewhere, (what is with all the jumping ?) I do not think those people are really happy, having to carry around Cognitive Dissonance at such a level has hidden effects.

    But, as Jan (jhine) says, it becomes a moral dilemma for us as to whether we leave them where they think they are happy, or try to get them on the road to freedom, down which true happiness lies.

    I think we should carefully consider each person as fully as possible before making a move.

  • Bonsai
    I think their beliefs should be challenged when the opportunity is ripe. I don't care if they are happy or not. This religion needs to be accountable for the pain and suffering it has caused. The blood of dead children who could have lived a full life calls out for justice.That accountability starts from the top and goes all the way down to the bottom feeders. JW's spread a campaign of fear and guilt and arrogant self righteousness all over the world. To me there is no moral dilemma. I don't go out of my way to seek them out and attack their beliefs, but if they come to my door, or I hear through friends that they are spreading vicious lies about me... look out. I'm all too willing to throw ripe turds all over their happy-fest. All's fair in love and war.
  • punkofnice

    It's not a simple situation.

    Is anyone truly happy in the cult, or are they just fooling themselves?

    It's like trying to convince someone in North Korea that Kim Jong Un is a twat.

  • jhine

    Note to self , do not upset Bonsai or learn to duck !


  • Alive!

    Hi Jan,

    A thought provoking thread - thank you for getting it started.....

    So yeah, It's been acknowledged that there are of course, many 'happy' Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Many are 'happy' and 'joyful' in their long suffering - and I'm not knocking that...being cheerful, steadfastly patient and enduring in the face of 'adversity' usually produces feelings of quiet joy....many people of faith ( any faith) live like this....throughout history. I'm not excluding atheists in this - it seems to be an inner sense of hope and love for humanity that produces enduring 'happiness'.

    I was intensely joyful over long periods of time, being a interpretation of Armageddon was that only the utterly wicked would surely reject Christ in the very final part of the days and that ALL would surely 'turn' and praise him in the final hour, unless their hearts were black.

    Jesus, Jehovah increased my love for others. My heart saw everyone as a future brother or sister. Everyone.

    Which is at odds with the 'party line'.....

    But - the JW culture gradually revealed itself - it is a 'captive' organisation as Angus Stewart so aptly called it.

    The rigid conformity to detail on personal grooming, indoctrination methods, recruiting methods and so much more, go way beyond scriptures.

    I have seen utter, utter misery in the org - EVERYWHERE, and I had a large network of those who I have met throughout the world.

    I've lost count of the number of JW men and women who can barely leave home due to depression etc - seriously.

    I have seen highly prized career pioneer sisters go out and recruit new 'young ones' to take under their wings...whilst their own children are skeletons in the closet, 'gone' lost in a world of drugs.

    There's happiness alright - but so many get lost, for not fitting in ( and that has nothing to do with a Christian personality issue - but not fitting the corporate branded look)

    Absolute misery exists in these KHs....lost amongst the hard nosed gaiety and social acceptance which is a ticket to a good life.

    I've seen it all - and I personally know of non JW family members who would have absolutely been crushed by the JW spirit - who were not hard enough to have survived.

    So, I had to step away - it's so complex.

    I don't know the answers.

    I have my own faith...pretty much the hope of universal reconciliation - I'm working on the joy that should alone give me - but it's tough after years of being in a 'group' and having my daily life supported by a community.

    Was I happy?

    Yes.....but looking back, it now feels like what an artificial sweetener is to honey....and I feel for the poor gentle souls who constantly have their self esteem eroded every time they pick up a publication, listen to a sneakily critical talk....and get another lash of the whip when they realise they can never replicate the 'corporate branded Christian' image of the JW culture.

    Should those promoting this agony be called to account? Certainly the leadership - yes....the followers?'s a mess.

  • Alive!
    PS sorry for my long winded vents - I'm just going through a bit of purge, trying to talk out and think out stuff that's hard to live with. X
  • Finkelstein

    People who become JWs have a purposely indoctrinated showing of love for the organization , that's been intentionally devised by the WTS leaders themselves.

    Love of knowing that your in god's " truthful and righteous organization " worthy of being saved from destruction at the soon to come Armageddon and live on into eternity in a earthly paradise.

    This is god's chosen organization so you should faithfully respect it and show love, to do so is in kind to showing love of god and his will and purpose. etc.


    The halls are just a smaller taste of what the world is really like......tor1500

    In many cases JW`s are Worse than the Outside World..

    The Kingdom Halls are just a Smaller Taste of what the Watchtower is really like..

    The Watchtower/JW "Party Line" Is:


    Jehovah`s Witnesses Are So Much Better..

    .............Than The Outside World..

    ..Image result for arrogant

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