What was the EXACT exJW website you first visited and why EXACTLY did you visit it?

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  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    I wanted to know why the circuit assemblies cost so many thousands of dollars. It is ridiculous the money they ask for. I did a search and found Critical Thinker. I still enjoy his videos.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Did anyone wake up because of someone you saw or heard at a convention? Would you have gone to jwfacts if you had known about it in a convention, like paleemperor is trying to do?

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Did anyone wake up because of someone you saw or heard at a convention? Would you have gone to jwfacts if you had known about it in a convention, like paleemperor is trying to do?

    Honestly, I can say it did contributed to my eventual departure.

    Back in 2006/2007, I had already been on the quotes.watchtower.org site, but not this one. Then, I attended a convention where there were some Apostates (bless their souls) who were shouting things. They were surrounded by brothers who were forming a chain around them and I felt that it was a very cultish thing to do! So I paid even more attention to what they were shouting because of it.

    One of them was shouting about the JWs protecting pedophiles. I thought it was ridiculous and she was obviously missled. I felt that the accusation was so out of touch with reality that I could actually defend my religion by becoming an apologist online. And so, in order to prepare my rebuttals, I visited a few xjw sites. One that stood out on this topic was www.silentlambs.com. That was the day I found out that most xJWs do not lie or mislead. It was a door opener and I started monitoring this web site. 8 years later, I finally left the cult.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Am I under oath, Senator? Do you have any way of verifying that the things I am about to say are true and accurate?

    Yes Senator, I a prepared to offer my testimony...

    Almost as soon as Al Gore got finished building the interweb I was there with a flashlight ("torch" to my friends in the UK) in one hand and a 3 gigawatt fully-automatic digital machete in the other. You don't remember Netscape, Sonny, but it was the pussycat's purr back then. Enter Neuromancer!

    "Sleep with one eye open,

    Gripping your pillow tight..."

    Those were some MAGNIFICENT days, back then, although I admit I need the perspective offered by distant time to even begin to grasp the wonderfulness of it all! I knew (in an appropriate digital way) many of the Ancient Worthies whose names we now speak in reverential awe.

    (To be continued, perhaps)

  • joe134cd

    There was a thread about this a few months back of just how effective, in your face activism is. For my self and for other posters, what initially woke us up, wasn’t activism but more a battle or uncertainty with in our selves. The turning point for me was a question raised by a work colleague on how well do JWs do in their marital relationships compared to the general population. Quite a simple question to answer I initially thought. Little did I know! LOL!! Unable to find any statistical data in the mags, and a lot of research on the subject with religion in general. I decided to google the question. By this time I realised that in order to find this information I would probably be dealing with apostates, and that the information wouldn’t be favourable. I remember hitting the enter key after I typed the question into google. In a flick of one stroke of a key my life would change. Up came jw facts with a direct answer to my question. From there things just went down hill for me. I really did try to justify it in my mind and even at one point I thought I could live in two different worlds of knowing there were clearly inconsistentcies in Wt while still going along with it. It took me a further 18 months before I physically walked out the door.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Joe134cd: how well do JWs do in their marital relationships compared to the general population.

    Yeah, that one blew my mind to. I remember, one day, on a road trip with my wife and my Dad, in between the three of us, I remember that we could identify over JW 100 couples that had split up.

    So, no spiritual paradise.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I first came across Cal Lehman's towerwatch ministries around 2006-07, his website towerwatch.com. That's how I got introduced to this site. I don't know if the forum is online anymore at towerwatch.com.

    Another site at that time was reachouttrust.org. I watched one of Rick Fearons original youtube videos around that time, around 2007. He mentioned why he got df"d. For bringing-up the WT"s involvement with the U.N. for 10 years. I really had no idea of some things until I watched a couple of his videos. And it was true. That guardian article.

  • scruffmcbuff

    My situation was different to most as i was out a long long time before i realised the WTS was a crock of shit.

    I was disfellowshiped and nothing more then pissed off at the lies told to me by elders for being disfellowshiped and refusal for my reinstatment.

    Some years later i taped jehovahs witness in youtube. And alot of videos greeted me there. It opened my eyes, then i foundmyself here.

    I think youtube will continue to play a significant roll for JWS who are begening to fade. As you can type very vauge searches that wouldnt arrose suspicion if seen from afar ( for our oppressed faders) so if your one of the people who make youtube videos. Even if you dont get many views or comments. Please please keep going. You never know who your helping or comforting.

  • TheMark

    At first H20, then I came here eventually. Now I'm totally free.

  • JW_Rogue

    The first sites I visited were archival sites that had old copies of WT publications like "Millions Now Living Will Never Die," I wanted to see what was really printed vs what WT always talked about. Then I checked out the UN stuff on JW facts I liked that all their stuff was backed up with sources you could examine yourself. Then I started browsing JWRecovery just to see other peoples unfiltered opinions (which you won't get at the KH). Finally, they shut down and I made an account here.

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