Expected pain

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  • Incognito

    Just because you and your wife decided to leave the religion, does not mean your other JW family need to be made aware right away.

    Both of you are starting a new experience in which to become accustomed. In a new situation, you may each be vulnerable to family emotions including pressure and suggestion that you are not doing the right thing and need to start attending meetings or even study again with a strong JW.

    Take your time and be cautious with what you say to others, at least until you are settled and at ease with your situation and the decisions you each have made.

  • ToesUp


    This forum has helped me and my spouse as well. We got out over 5 years ago. Best decision we EVER made!!! Lots of good tips on here from people who have been where you are at.

  • former2free


    I told her her that we have a plan on leaving and I told her we need to play the game till things are more finalized. There’s no need to jump the gun on this.

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