Drop Off in Mentioning 1914

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  • blownaway

    This has always been the cults MO. They don't say we were wrong, but they just stop talking about it and when they think its faded enough change. I worked with an elder for over 15 years every day. We had a business together. I asked what he would do when they changed the 1914 date. He said they never would. Well they gave it some time by the convoluted overlapping BS. But my bet is they did this to distance themselves form it and then have a change plan waiting in the wings. This time its a bit different people on the outside are watching, they have connections through the web. I don't think they can fade out a belief like before.

  • pale.emperor

    I think the newly indoctrinated ones and the latest stock of born in's getting baptized are not fully aware of even concerned about the 1914 teaching. It's like removing the bottom brick from a toppling tower - the tower should come tumbling down... but it doesn't. Because now they say "we're not serving a date".

    I was only born in 1984 and i remember as a kid 1914 being the number 1 reason why we have "the truthâ„¢". It's all become a farce, and those who've invested 60+ years in it cant bare to face the fact that they've been conned. I can understand that.

  • Ding

    The more the WT fails to mention 1914 and overlapping generations, the more people who know TTATT ought to ask them about it.

  • TD

    I don't know...

    The SDA's have managed to hold onto the 1844 date, even spinning the massive disappointment as a blessing in disguise.

    The JW's still refer to the 1935 date as a, "bright flash of light" despite that fact that few, if any of the people who were told that they were the, "great multitude" are alive today. (And therefore were clearly not of the great multitude as JW's understand the term.) This doesn't seem to trouble the average JW in the least.

    The problem is not the dates in and of themselves; it's the prophetic deadlines that are attached to them. Remove the theological commitment, obfuscate it, or spin it as a blessing and the date becomes a meaningless factoid that can be retained indefinitely.

  • stuckinarut2

    GB : "What date? Huh? Don't know what you mean...never said anything about that...oh! Look over there! It's a new cartoon with your friends Caleb and Sophia...now run along now and play nicely"

  • Finkelstein

    The way it goes with the WTS is old bullshit is replaced by new (light) bullshit, mentally implanted like the old bullshit.

    They even have the gall and corruption to call it spiritual food at the proper time.

    The WTS has always been a house of corrupt charlatanism, even back to the late 1800's.

    Set doctrines were not biblicaly supported but the then leader of the WTS (C T Russell) didn't really care for the doctrines in which he had enhanced the proliferation of the WTS's (his) publications.

    The WTS held onto those doctrines revised them when necessary but made a stern directive that no one among the organization should be allowed to critically examine them and be open about it.

    The WTS went as far has demonizing these people and said they were spiritually weak being influenced by Satan

    Which when you think about is a core part of the instilled corruption of the WTS and its head GB members.

    It very much enacted itself as a false prophet but blindsides individuals by saying it Jehovah's will and purpose to the what they are doing and teaching.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I think the GB have cognitive dissonance in regards to 1914. They will always hold it dear, bronze it and stick it on the mantle in the Bethel Library.

  • neverendingjourney

    I'm pushing 40. I have a nephew who is 16 years old. If I talked to him about 1914 and the role it played in not wanting to be a JW anymore, he'd look at me like I was crazy.

    It'd be the same look I would have given an "apostate" had he talked to me about 1975 when I was 16 in the mid-90s.

    This stuff is cyclical.

    In the:

    1910s they had to deal with the fact that 1914 didn't see the conclusion of the Great Tribulation.

    1920s they had to deal with the failure of 1925 as the date when Old Testament "princes" would be resurrected

    1940s they had to deal with the failure of WWII to bring Armageddon and Rutherford's statement that there were only "months" left

    1970s they had to deal with the failure of 1975 as the end of the sixth creative day

    1990s they had to deal with the failure of the "generation" of "seventy to eighty years" being a deadline for Armageddon

    There have always been two generations present at the local Kingdom Hall: those old enough to have already undergone a major prophetic failure and those young enough (or new enough) to be clinging to a new prophetic deadline that hasn't yet collapsed.

  • Finkelstein

    Keep in mind folks the WTS bullshit is marketable bullshit for literature sales and distribution.

    People who hold up the WTS bullshit are identified as spiritual strong by the WTS, that's also why the WTS promoted these individuals to higher levels within the organization.

    Faithful and loyal to the WTS will sometimes garner great rewards.

    Just ask the financially cared for old GB men who would by impoverished with poor health care, no chance of traveling around the world and treated like celebrities wherever they go.

    They know quite well what is putting a roof over their heads, food in their belly, health care, cars and their insurance and air flights to travel all over the world.

    Its pays to be a false prophet and have 8 million deluded mental slaves feeding them money and properties.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The WT has compensated for the 'drop off in mentioning 1914' by 'increasing mention of $$$$$$'. Sounds fair!

    just saying!

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