Nosey Brothers and Sisters

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  • kennylazo1

    Please explain some of your past experiences of dealing with dealing with nosy brothers and sisters and how you dealt with them. Also have you ever dealt with a brother or sister who brings up your past just as a new topic for a conversation?

    That happened to me once. After the inauguration of the wallkill thingy, a sister from my congregation invited some people over at her house. It was about 10-15 people including her and her kids. So while were eating it gets quiet for a few seconds. and a sister (sister D) says something about my past ). She just came out of no where saying "Remember when kenny tried to get with the sisters at the kingdom hall.....I remember when you asked the circuit overseers wife for a kiss". (I was about 8 or 9 years of age when i used to do that kind of stuff). I was just sitting there and in my head i was like bruh.... WTF? Was that necessary?

  • Simon

    That's not really being nosey, that's being insensitive and indiscreet.

  • TD

    So do you have a thing for older women, Kenny? (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

    I caught a JW elder going through my trash once. He had actually gone through the gate into my side yard

    -No idea what he was looking for or why.

  • Londo111

    As a group, JWs do not have proper boundaries. It is intrinsic. They will gossip, they will snoop, they will snitch.

  • careful

    From the platform I once used a translation of the Bible in American Black English/Ebonics for the "down home" effect, and one of the old white sisters was very upset, saying that it was irreverent. Next time the CO visited and I was speaking to him after the meeting, she marched up, interrupted us, and "turned me in." The CO asked, "Well, what was the passage?" I repeated it from memory, and the old sister agreed. The CO then said how much he liked it, how he thought it got the point. The sister was quite angry at us both and went off very disappointed. The the CO and I then went back to our conversation. I was very fortunate to have had several genuinely loving, liberal COs.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Would love to have a copy of this Bible.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome to the board kennylazo1 and I agree with Simon

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    "Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the Inauguration of the Wallkill Thingy."

  • LongHairGal


    Everybody knowing your business in the Witness religion is no good.

    If you are still in the religion and want less aggravation - then stop blabbing your business around to these people. You gotta keep your trap shut and resist the tendency to confess everything to everybody like a little kid.

    While it won’t totally stop people from talking, they won’t have anything specific...Everybody doesn’t have to know what you bought, what you think, where you ate, how much money you have, what your plans are, etc.

    When certain people come over your house you may have to hide things..even your mail. Or else, don’t have people over. This is a stupid cult with empty-headed people who love to gossip.

  • Dunedain

    I think ALL JWs are nosey. They are ingrained to literally go to peoples homes, unannounced, knock on their doors, check to see if people are home by peeking thru windows, seeing if doors are locked or not, check gates for locks, identify amounts of electric meters to determine how many people are living there, look for cars pulling in or out of driveways, seeing if pets are in or out of a home, and asking little Jonny or Susie, if their Mommy or Daddy is home, all at homes they were NOT invited to.

    Its called field service, and it screams nosey.

    Then you have Elders who feel it is their God given duty to pry, extract information, spy, and snoop, for the "protection" of the flock.

    By nature JWs believe it is their right to be nosey, as getting information on "suspected" sinners, benefits all.

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