Nosey Brothers and Sisters

by kennylazo1 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • asp59
    If I get to new congregation and they are not hospitality but like to be nosy. They just don't get the help in congregation from me they could have gotten. Reap what you sowe. Have to treat them like children. If they behave they get help.
  • moreconfusedthanever

    Nosey and interfering is what they do.

    When I was a teenager a young brother in our congregation was showing interest in me. He spent a lot of time at our house and one day an elder visited while this young man was at our place. When the young man left, the elder turned to me and said "if you marry him I will not come to the wedding!"

    What a horrible thing of this "Shepherd of the flock" to say. As if his opinion mattered.

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby doesn't invite his JW family for a barbecue at his backyard because of the "Jehovah" word spoken out loudly and the very irational and strange JW story's being shared with the whole neighbourhood. From "Armageddon must be arround the corner" to "sister D. has quit her education because of doing the right thing for Jehovah" and "couple D are so materialistic buying a new house right before the end".

    I hate this idiot chat a chat 😠😠😠

    So no JW's in my backyard.


  • ssn587

    Moreconfusedthanever you should have told that elder, "who said you would be invited?"

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