Jehovah created paradise to be perfect, right Dad ?

by Not_Culty 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Diogenesister
    No fear of Job Insecurity

    Jehovah takes Job insecurity to a whole new level...ahem

    (See myself out)

  • smiddy3

    If Eve was made perfect with a perfect brain wouldn`t she have eaten of the "Tree Of Life " first instead of the "Tree of Knowledge of good and Bad " ?

  • EverApostate

    How could an All perfect God make creatures that could choose to sin and become imperfect.

    God cannot sin. Thats what the Bible teaches. So should have been human kind, created by a sinless god.

  • Dunedain

    Why would an all powerful, and loving God, allow a highly intelligent, superior species of intelligent life, that was around for millions of years already, to literally disguise itself, and tempt/molest his newest creation, humans?

    In the big scheme of life, Eve and Adam were literally "new borns", especially when compared to an angelic, high powered creature of light, that Satan was. Satan had millions of years of experience, knowledge, life, and was literally a more advanced species and life form.

    Humans, were the new, little babies, just created. No life experience, no knowledge, other than their little garden of eden, no millions of years of life to ponder the meanings, and live with their Father. They didnt even have children of their own yet. They were infants, or at the most pre-teens.

    Yet God allowed some predatory, highly advanced, shape shifting, evil, lying, deceitful being to attempt to harm his newly formed, innocent, naive Adam and Eve.

    What parent, and loving Father would do that? If you were a parent, would you allow some evil genius, super powered alien, with super natural powers, and evil intention, play with your newborn baby?

    If we believe the Garden of Eden story, then we must believe that is what God did, in theory. Where is the "loving Father" in that story?

  • Vidiot

    Isn't there a short story/essay floating around the Net that retells the Original Sin narrative as a contemporary tale, and ends up making the "Father" look like a fucking psychopath?

  • coalize

    How could an all perfect God ask to his new and naive humans creatures to blindly obey, and resist to temptation as he knows perfectly they never experiment such a situation ?

    And why an all powerfull God made humans so weak facing temptation?

    All perfect god is a muthafuckin sadist!

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