Early 70's JW POP Music: All Over, No wonder. By: The Great Crowd

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  • Dagney

    I swear I have the worse memory. Absolutely the worse.

    i remember that Disneyland concert. Lots of fun.

    Waves to Frankie & B.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Very interesting information on the group DNCall. I remember the sleeve or insert for the record had a picture of all the members on it. I couldn't find it but I'm pretty sure it's around somewhere. One the back up singers you mention went to the congregation I went to in Anaheim in the mid to late 70's. I was friends with her and then with her second husband when she remarried but lost contact with them like I did with everyone else when I left the organization around 80 or 81.

  • steve2

    Funny that the song was made in 1970/71 but was included on a CD of 1960s music.

  • AudeSapere

    I used to know Phil and Tina. Seems like two lifetimes ago!

    Pretty cool back story from DNC.Thanks for sharing.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    When Pillowgate came out, I had this song stuck in my head for the next few weeks:


    I feel like hacking into Bethel's audio/sound system and change the elevator music to this.

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