Big Announcement in Montreal

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  • truthseeker

    JW GoneBAd,

    Maybe this is what they mean by the Memorial Season being a "special month of activity!"

  • sir82

    Selling only makes sense if they can't afford the overhead like utilities and stuff,

    See, you're not thinking like a corporate bean-counter.

    Money, money, money! Far more important than people.

    Selling doesn't make sense if you care about the well-being and morale of JWs.

    But if your primary concern is "how much money, money, money can get we get", then selling "excess" Kingdom Halls and packing the remaining ones with hundreds of people who have to drive dozens of miles, each way, in the winter darkness 2 or more times a week...well, hell yeah! Sell, sell, sell! Screw the people affected!

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    In Uk I gather that from 2008 to 2018 over 100 conregations have been dissolved (england and wales).

    One of my friends told me that their present Kh was due for a new lease (Hall was leased from the council it has been for over 75 years). They applied for the lease to be renewed, the council refused. So the congregations (two were sharing this hall) started to save up/contribute specifically towards a new KH.It took all of 5 years to come up with the money through contributions. In the end, one congregation was asked to merge in with another hall miles away and the contributions of this cong members were asked to be given away towards the new Hall they were on the way to building.No member was asked or did a vote or hands count for agreeing to this or not. It was just done and that was that!

    Now their hardearned donations gone to zero , all are pitching in again for this other Kh (Where my friend has merged in) for repair maintenance and the like. Back to scratch.

    Dunno what to think of it all.



  • Spoletta

    Does anyone have information on KH sales in Oregon?

  • millie210

    and you thought Russia was bad. think not only distant Bears, but local wolves.

    Love this!

  • blondie

    pepperheart, and we know that jws do what the WTS/GB tells them; if so they would not need a video to force them. I lived in one area where the regular pioneers, elders and family that lived in their household, MS (ditto) would be removed. If they changed, then they would retain their positions. Everyone in that group changed. Some grandparents changed too. All these people had lived outside their congregation's territory for some time. There were a few exceptions on a case by case basis.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m glad I’m many years ‘faded’ from the JWs, because I’d never drive a long distance to any hall even in daytime..👎🏻.My hall was less than fifteen minutes away and I had trouble making meetings with my full time job and being dead tired on weekends.

    I feel sorry for the elderly who will be expected to drive long distances at night and in dangerous winter conditions. I don’t think many will do this for long and maybe only will attend the Sunday meeting.

    The end result will be emptier halls but who cares?.. Good riddance to this horrible religion.

  • waton

    another angle locally is, that reshuffling is a means to break up wt-undesirable power cliques. profiteers that sideline riches that wt wants to harvest for itself. For example as was the old building arrangement. Here, very wealthy elderly have close ties to meek worker drones. It would be better for wt to have savvy manipulators looking after their "needs" instead.

    PS: wt might cast an envious eye on the mega churches, iglesia ng Christa, local charismatics. Huge congregations, no meaningful debate, no sneaked in comments, as was done at the long gone book study level. The first step to stereotyping. Now the second shoe has dropped in that march.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Funny how "false religion" can operate multiple halls and churches in every little village whereas people wanting to flock to the mountain-like "one true faith" have to travel miles and miles away from their home town to do so.

    So much for preaching and going to where the people are located. Ho Hum.

  • Spiral

    millie210, sorry, I hit my mouse and accidentally gave you a dislike. Please disregard that.

    @waton, yes, the bOrg has often rearranged congregations in an effort to break up cliques, the kind that cause trouble. I can remember back in the day the CO rearranging the congregations, but the powerful/popular ones just disregarded the "direction" and went to the congregation they wanted to go to. Everything was back as it was before the rearrangement within six months. Now, with the sale of KHs added in, that would be much harder.

    I think a lot of people will just quit going if it's too hard. Things aren't what they once were, and the bOrg just really isn't much "fun" anymore, even for the devoted.

    This might be the next logical step to converting to the megachurch model.

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