Do you think JWN members would be surprised if they got to know you in real life?

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  • KateWild
    I am in Liverpool Nic, but I have family in London and I am there a lot and met most JWN members there. Where are you?
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    ive met up with quite a good few fellow MDA's over the last 6 years--some are / have been on this site--others through the facebook groups. mostly on the south coast of england.
  • done4good

    I doubt many here would be surprised, if they read my posts. My old JW associates however, might be. I tended to be rather shy as a young person. While still an introvert in the technical personality sense, shy I am not. I grew up in a rather dysfunctional JW family, and my first marriage as a JW was not much better. SInce leaving, I have learned to fully harness the energy about things I am passionate about and use that constructively. It has led to a happy, successful life in my marriage, my career, and in many other relationships. I try to take interest in many areas of life. Life is short, this is important.

    In my non-work life, I enjoy reading, cooking both on the grill and in the kitchen, (recently learned to make a killer pizza on the grill), music, writing, photography, anything technology or science related, wine, a little weed at times, political discussion, contribute to some volunteer courses, etc.

    I have done a couple of ex-JW meetups, (one in NY and one in Chicago), with small groups, but nothing recently. I believe both of those were in 2008. Not many of my old JW "friends" have managed to make it out, so most association is with normal folks who have never been.


  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Nic, thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself. I have a perception of you from the things you write and choose to comment on. I notice that you have an analytical mind and are knowledgeable on many topics but never use that to make other feel inferior. You usually interpret ambiguous comments by others in a positive way. You look for the good in others or try to understand their motivations if you can't. Most of all, I notice you're empathetic to the suffering of others. When people post their painful experiences you're one of the first with some encouraging words. Of course I had no idea of your profession but I, perhaps incorrectly, assume most everyone here dislikes crowds and face to face confrontation.
  • Divergent
    Maybe. Haven't had a chance to meet up with anyone here yet... no one here from my area so far. But I've met up with ex-JW's who are not on this site before =)
  • Phizzy

    They would be surprised if they got to know that secretly I am a Superhero.

  • Xanthippe

    I love your description of your summerhouse Nic. Can you see the stars? Do you watch the sunsets on summer evenings? I've always liked the idea of a summerhouse, conservatory or something similar so you can stay in your garden as long as possible, see the sky darken and the stars come out but be sheltered from the cold as well. Love chicken souvlaki, I eat it in Greece but I'm rubbish at BBQing. Since I was a child I have wanted to stay outside until the last possible moment. In the summer I'm gardening every day I'm not at work, then it's cook dinner, eat it outside with a glass of Italian red. I like a good Italian in the garden.

  • millie210

    I am more boring in real life.

    "More boring than your posting here?"


    Hard to imagine isnt it?

    In real life, I am also a photographer and write poetry. I am in the "have too many books for my shelves" club along with a lot of you.

    Excepting the JW literature that is...

    All tossed except for inherited bound volumes left to me from now deceased faithful JW relatives who died waiting for the promise.

    Those are boxed up in my garage while I try to figure out what to do with them.

    I also have 3 huge dogs that are my heart.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    @xanthippe---- I like a good Italian in the garden.

    doo tell us more about these al fresco escapades

  • Xanthippe

    Stan I would but Simon might object

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