Do you think JWN members would be surprised if they got to know you in real life?

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  • nicolaou

    I don't think you'd recognise me much at all. I'm a Royal Mail Postman, I love my job for the early starts and midday finish, the outdoors and the exercise.

    I get on with people but I'm quite insular and don't enjoy crowds. I'm happiest when I've fired up the charcoal and I'm making souvlaki or Adana kebabs for my family and a few close friends. I love the Summer!

    I love a good Scotch and good music to relax with and I'm running out of room for my books. My favourite place is a Summerhouse I put together at the bottom of our garden. I bought a brand new upholstered sofa for £1 off eBay and built the summerhouse around it! Plenty of leg room, and cushions and a cast iron woodburner in the corner. It has it's own WiFi, a percolator for coffee, Bluetooth speaker and lighting I made myself from an old bottle and an oven bulb.

    In the coldest winter evening I'll light the stove a half hour in advance then me the Mrs and our dog will retire down there to chill out for the rest of the night. Bliss.

    I don't debate or argue in real life, well, hardly ever anyway 😜.

  • Bruisedandbleeding12
    To start off with I'm across the pond in Canada & a Telecommunications Engineer on long term disability (I've had some strokes). Other than that I'm basically normal, just don't ask my wife....... 😉😜👽🙄
  • Heartsafire

    Souvlaki?! Yum! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

    To answer your question, I honestly have no idea if people would be surprised once they got to know me.

    Here's a tidbit about me: Like you, I detest large crowds and avoid them whenever possible. I also love books have collected them since I was a child. I still have my first books from which I learned to read. I'm rather introverted and shy, but I love people and I'm often more generous than I should be (or so I've been told). My home is modest but comfy, and I'm obsessed with decorating. I am also obsessed with saving money so I live a conflicted life with my passions at odds. When it comes to food, I will eat anything, although I prefer spicy-hot or savory flavors. I do love a grilled chicken souvlaki with a buttery slathering. I've only discovered this dish at a restaurant and thought I had died and gone to...well...never mind. But, it was tasty.

    Its fun, this sharing about ourselves thing. Wish I could say more, but I'm sorry to say I'm rather a boring person. Haha!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    A postie Nic? Does that mean you wear shorts all year round & have tatts on your legs?
  • nicolaou
    No tatts Stan, hmmm one benefit from a cult upbringing maybe? But shorts for sure!
  • stan livedeath
  • jookbeard
    2 of us have said they dont enjoy crowds, the same here, I wonder if it has any relation being dragged to those dreadful DC's as kids, thats why I dont go to the football much at all
  • KateWild

    So have you ever met anyone Nic? I have invited you a few times. I have met some exJWs and they are really nice in real life. Some are from JWN and some aren't.

    Meeting up is good. Come meet me sometime. I have a spare double bed for you both if you want to come and visit

    Kate xx

  • nicolaou

    That's really nice of you Kate, thanks. Whereabouts are you anyway?

    Mrs Nic' and I did attend one meetup in London almost nine years ago, it was good to meet folks and actually talk to them. With the exception of Paul, (Besty) most of that bunch no longer post here though.

  • Landy
    No. I'm a pedantic git in real life as well :)

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