Anthony Morris III Autobiography ... The Real Truth

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  • sparky1

    I dedicate this song to you millie210! A.M. III is so self absorbed, he doesn't even know what an ignorant, uncouth, ill-mannered BORE that he really is.

    My favorite line from this song is somewhat prophetic:

    "Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow."

  • millie210


    How did you know that is one of my favorite songs?

    I had never thought about your line about the "tower" but I totally see it!

    How about "clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground"?

    That should fit concerning their publications maybe?

  • Dunedain

    Anthony Morris is such a jerk-off.

    The idiot is implying that Jesus/Anointed can control the weather. The stupid, self absorbed, psycho, doesn't even realize that he actually implying that they are guilty of murdering people.

    Doesn't the weather kill thousands of humans around the planet, each year? Between hurricanes, tornados, mud slides, flooding, destructive winds, and droughts, if Jesus and the anointed are "controlling" the weather, they sure have a TON of blood guilt on their hands.

    Anthony Morris is such a jerk-off.

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