Basic training for jihadists

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  • barry

    Just now less than 6 hours from the London attack there has been a stabbing attack in sydney. I agree with you Lisa Rose Racial and religious intolerance is not the solution. When Muslims feel so aggrieved in their determination to implement Sharia they believe they have the right to kill. These people are not our friends nor can we reach out to such people you may be disillusioned when they fail to reach back.

    I would admit I have Muslim friends and I do trust them because I'm not afraid to ask them the hard questions. These we can all trust.

    Lisa Rose you say There is a huge difference between the radicals and the majority. You then said the majority would side with the radicals if pressure was brought to bear.

    I believe if our rights are threatened it would be a duty of muslims who are moderate to support our freedoms or their freedoms would be lost together with ours.

    According to Aljareera France is likely to close 160 mosques.

    The answer Lisa Rose is to stand up for our rights one is the right of free speech and we have all been affected on this issue. Since the Charlie Ebdo attack no paper is confident in publishing any cartoons of their criminal prophet who should be brought to account if he is the exemplary man they say he is.

    Child marriage, war crimes, amputations , or death for leaving the religion not just shunning and all the rest.

  • flipper

    Focusing on how twisted their religion is does not address a very scary problem - anger and resentment toward the West, especially the US.

    Check out the various polls done on world's opinion of USA. And polls done in different time periods. Right now the most disapproving countries are in the middle east. Previous time periods correlate to where the US was "helping".

    Their countries have been torn apart and they know darn well it's not for their "freedom" but for their petroleum.

    And the stupid terrorists are attacking the general public - if they were so brave or had their wits about them at all wouldn't they go after the war profit corporates?

    Somehow we all get sidetracked.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • Diogenesister
    Jewish people believe in ritual circumcision, they have a ceremony and the baby has his foreskin cut off, something that is very painful and mutilates the penis, and has no particular health value, according to many experts.

    First of all Lisa Rose I would like to say a big "hear hear" to your 1st post on this thread

    When I did my community midwifery it was in Hamstead Stamford hill area, big Jewish population. The non orthodox mums where horrified by the bruising & suffering the wee boys went through, many said they would not do it again!Of course the JW's would say what a miracle it's the 8th day that there is a rise in the clotting factor , but of course it's the other way around, how many babies died before they discovered that the 8th day was the safest day to operate on!

  • SecretSlaveClass


    So this boy has a vision to be an Abattoir worker. How many other trades do they teach in a mosque

    The boy is being taught what will become part of his duties as a man which includes slaughtering animals by the laws of "halal". It has nothing to do with a career in an abattoir. He may have to slaughter livestock for his family someday and certainly in third world countries he most definitely will and regularly - it's a skill all men in some religions and cultures are expected to learn.

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