"Best life ever" ?????

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  • LongHairGal


    You've got that right about the only ones happy in the Kingdom Hall are those who are financially secure with decent jobs, and those with businesses.

    I might also add: women with a "worldly" husband who worked 40 years to give them a pension are also happy, or at least content. These were the ones who sat in car groups and criticized me for supporting myself with a full-time job.

    Sadly, JWs who did not work and plan for their future are the ones who are not happy. They can thank the religion for that.

  • Landy

    Different people enjoy different things. I'm not going to be arrogant enough to say someone's not happy when they are. Some people find the social aspect of being a JW enjoyable - that's fine, I'm not going to judge them for it.

  • Phoebe

    Best life ever is hash tagged all over instagram by JWs. I agree with nowwhat? the witnesses I know that are happy are the ones with beautiful homes, holidays, good jobs etc. For them, they have a great life with a huge circle of friends. But for those like me and my husband, who gave up the possibility of financial security to 'clean for a living' so we could pioneer...we now have nothing and no one cares that we gave up everything. and depression is rampant for those like us. I hate my parents for bringing me into this. I had no education to speak of, I was blackmailed into baptism (you're going to die if you don't) and look at me now, my entire life has been ruled and ruined by JWs. What a waste. Best live ever??I don't think so.

  • wifibandit

    Yes. They love this phrase.

    They even made a music video using this phrase.



    I can't watch their shit. Watching Lett for two minutes just about caused me to jump into traffic..


  • wannaexit
    I am so sick of "best life ever", that when I hear it, i feel a little vomit coming up my throat.
  • zeb

    charity 7. Thank you for describing my situation. see pm

    Happy people my arse. with the resurfacing of the ARC my wife is non communicative to an extreme. CD happening there. Any mention of counselling brings out the wt spiel full on.

  • Tenacious

    Best life ever? Laughable. The majority of JW's are the most depressed and miserable people I've ever seen.

    Morris must have come up with that one as Lett pet his mane.


    They know the rank and file will accept anything.

    Those old maggots are laughing their heads off everyday fooling everybody.

  • WTWizard

    Best life ever? You mean, being drained of energy because of always donating it (and your time) to joke-hova? I remember having a hard time doing field circus beyond about 2 hours, because it just felt tedious. Then I could spend hours of time going through my record collection (CD's), trying to key each song to the time it came out--not so tedious. And the hours spent trying to record songs onto mini discs by period.

    I can also remember the headaches I would get going to the big boasting sessions. Sitting there at a big boasting session would always leave me more tired than spending 8 hours breaking down pallets of freight at a supermarket, stocking the shelves, and conditioning the shelves (including lifting amounts to 45 kg). And no, taking aspirin (or even magnesium) did nothing for the headaches. It was simply the psychic energy drained from me. That energy went to joke-hova and its filthy angels, and is even to this day being used to enslave the whole human race (along with that from everyone else that wastes time and energy on that damnation book in any way, shape, or form). And to think they would say that listening to heavy metal gives you a headache?

    Aside from this, it is blah. Going home and watching Let's Make a Deal reruns on TV after a morning of field circus, where the biggest thrill was watching someone winning an old stuffed buffalo. Almost never was there anything significant that was worth the time doing.

    And the songs? Just about every theme of damnation is featured somewhere in that song book. Songs that claim the Gentile nations have had their day (and indeed, that is a washtowel teaching--that was supposed to have ended in 1914) and now they have to go. Songs boasting about the "clean(??)" way of life. Songs about doing "much" field circus. Songs about the urgency of this message, wasting whole lifetimes (and that started for me in the 1984 edition, and there were songs even long before that depicting this false urgency). Songs about infinite debt stemming from one point--called "original sin". And they wonder why I would rather listen to Led Zeppelin or Billy Idol?


    How about "Best Life Never."


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